“I Work Remotely”: A Day in the Life of a Flux7 Employee

By Flux7 Labs
January 23, 2018

Flux7 was founded in 2013 by Aater Suleman and Ali Hussain with the intent of creating a workplace that everyone enjoys coming to and being a part of. As such, they have focused on building our culture and firmly believe that it is critical to our success. While a company is so much more than its benefits or time-off policy, today we are taking a deeper dive into the Flux7 culture and what it really means to be a Flux7 employee. To take us on that journey, we interviewed several employees and have shared their combined thoughts here:

Q: What attracted you initially to Flux7?
A: Our goal at Flux7 is to serve our customers by finding the best-fit solutions to their business challenges by creating modern IT systems that bring their ideas to life. While this sounds lofty, in practice, the privilege to work with a wide variety of name-brand enterprise customers who face a variety of challenges and opportunities was truly the description of a dream job. I was attracted to the idea of working on engaging projects, using leading-edge technology, with some of the brightest minds in the business — and all from my home office!


Q: How do you start your day?
A: Just like any job, I wake up and get ready for the day. But, unlike other jobs, my commute is literally across the house — it’s just a few steps from my kitchen to my home office. Getting rid of the traffic and associated daily grind has removed a lot of stress from my life and has given me back a couple of hours every day (maybe even more on Fridays). I’m always home in time for dinner with the family now.

Working remotely with an all-remote team is one of the best experiences of my career because I work remotely from anywhere. I can sit on my bean bag in the comfort of my home, and start coding. The remote culture here at Flux7 is really exciting for me; I work with some of the most talented engineers from around the world. It’s like working with a bunch of my friends.


Q: What hours do you work?
A: Flux7 tends to operate on a Central time zone-based clock, so I find that my day reflects that. While I’m not based in CT, starting my day a little later and ending it a little later means that I can easily fit work into my life. For example, I am home in the morning to see the kids off to school whereas in a former life I would have already been in the car sitting in traffic, waiting in line to get to work. That said, with remote people working in different time-zones, Flux7 is able to assign projects to team members that are a fit for a client’s time zone as well, making it quite easy and efficient to be available for the customer.

Flux7 believes in the adage that “a happy team is a productive team” and from my experience, I’d agree. Personally, I appreciate my mornings with my family and it really encourages me to dive into my work after seeing them off. At Flux7, I’ve really been able to find an ideal lifestyle with remote work, effectively finding a work-life balance that was elusive before.


Q: What makes Flux7 a great place to work?  Would you recommend it to others?
A: Working at Flux7 is a totally unique experience and one I would recommend to anyone who is motivated by diversity, productivity, and personal growth. Let me explain:  


  • The team at Flux7 looks to hire the most talented minds in the industry, whether they are located in India, Australia, Europe, Canada, the United States or somewhere else. As a 100% remote company, geographical boundaries are far less important than skill- and mindset for collaboration and creative problem-solving. This means that at Flux7, I get to work with a diverse set of people on a diverse set of problems, which is really terrific as I get the opportunity to learn from others and learn how to think about and approach problems in new ways. This is true across the company — from engineers to sales and marketing. There is diversity and variety in everything Flux7 does.
  • Replacing a cubicle with my home office allows me to be more productive, motivated and focused because I no longer have “drive-by” distractions from co-workers. Yes, Flux7 has tools like Slack and Trello for collaboration, but I find they help propel my productivity and results, rather than distracting me from the task at hand. In addition, having the ability to work when and where I want is immensely appreciated as it allows me personal flexibility. For example, my sister who lives several hours away recently needed help moving. With another job, I would have had to take time off to help her. However, with Flux7, I was able to do both, work remotely during the day and help her pack and move in the evening.
  • Last, gaining a couple of hours in my day — every day — has given me time to grow as a person. That might sound corny but think about it. Are there books you’d like to read if you only had the time? Or, a class you’d love to take? Now I finally have the time to do some of those things. While I have co-workers that scuba dive, or take cooking classes, I take time in the middle of the day to ride my elliptical, read and recharge.

    At Flux7, I am also growing professionally. Working with a diverse group of people not only teaches you how to approach things in new and different ways, but many Flux7 employees are active in local meetup groups, and they bring back learnings from experts from across the globe.


Do these experiences describe your dream job? If so, Flux7 is growing and we’d love to have you join our team. We look to hire the best talent available independent of location, giving our customers the highest levels of expertise. We seek to exceed our customers’ expectations, which in turn continues to fuel our rapid growth. We embrace our diversity and multiculturalism that spurs collaborative innovation and ‘out of the box’ ideas.

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Written by Flux7 Labs

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