Insights and Recommendations on Cloud Expenditure for Start-ups

By Flux7 Labs
November 2, 2013

Everyday we deal with several issues our clients face with respect to cost and performance optimization of cloud services. We, at Flux7 Labs help cloud users understand their requirement and settle down with the perfect numbers to reduce expenses, as there isn’t a one deal solution for everyone out there.

While taking our business to cloud or expanding on the existing setup, what we tend to do wrong while costing and budgets is focusing only upon very specific subset of few key metrics. On these aspects we answer a lot of queries in our office hour session, like:

  • How much would reserve instances save me?
  • What is Load balancing and is it helpful?
  • Do my employees need training and consulting over AWS?
  • How to expand to private cloud?
  • What distinguishes a cloud host from a “regular” host?

Cloud computing is a modern and optimized way of delivering computing resources to run websites and web applications. It allows customers to scale vertically and horizontally, and based on the demands of their users. According to the user’s requirement, the cloud resource could shrink or expand and so would the cost.

With a comprehensive portfolio, we at Flux7 ensure offering high quality consulting. We carefully consider your needs and take responsibility to tailor appropriate services. A reliable, quality and satisfactory deliverable is what matters most to us. Our expertise lies in simplifying even a complex issue and making it all easy to resolve your needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Flux7’s corporate training services are well-organized and is in-line with your needs. Whether it is a new technology in the market or an existing technology that you would like your employees to equip themselves with, we have the right solutions for you. Flux7’s training services are wide and deep in nature. We help add value to your training investments and thereby create a positive impact on your business. Make an investment in our training services and expect long term value addition to your organization. Our comprehensive training solutions would enhance employee productivity and we will do all it takes to make your training investment a success.