Introducing Flux7 Renovate: A Simple Way to Modernize Common Business Apps

By Flux7 Labs
August 21, 2018

Introducing Flux7 Renovate Modernize Common Business AppsWe are excited to unveil for you today our newest solution, Flux7 Renovate™. Digital disruption, rising customer expectations and the need to reduce IT costs place immense pressure on enterprises to modernize and gain competitive advantage. Flux7 Renovate is designed to help enterprises increase their rate of IT modernization by simplifying and accelerating the deployment of common business applications on AWS.

Flux7 Renovate solutions accelerate modernization projects with best practices-based application deployments on AWS. Automating key processes in the development and operations lifecycles empowers enterprises to:

  • Bring code to market faster,
  • Reduce IT costs,
  • Support business requirements for agility and innovation, and
  • Deliver breakthrough performance.

How Flux7 Renovate Works

Flux7 Renovate helps enterprises achieve these benefits with access to reference architectures built on a foundation of automation. These reference architectures feature options for multi- account structure, role-based access and other customizations that help ensure systems meet company policies.

Further speeding delivery of services, enterprises can use Flux7 Renovate solutions’ reference deployments to speed the mean time to value. And, unlike lift-and-shift migrations, Flux7 Renovate allows you to reap deeper cloud benefits, facilitated by approaches like Infrastructure-as-Code — all without compiling or modifying the application code, or modifying application features or functions.

Our pre-packaged Renovate configurations are available starting today for the following common business applications:

  • Data analytics apps: Cloudera
  • Search services: Solr, Elasticsearch
  • CRM applications: SugarCRM
  • Ecommerce solutions: Magento, SAP Hybris
  • Website apps: Enterprise WordPress Platform, Drupal, Adobe Experience Manager

As not all enterprises are built alike, we’ve made Flux7 Renovate available in bronze, silver, gold and platinum tiers. Each tier provides increasing levels of functionality and compliance — starting with bronze’s simple single account environments with best practices built-in to extreme automation, enterprise-grade solutions with our platinum offering.

Significant market disruption caused by changing customer expectations, new competitors, and more are placing a spotlight on how enterprises can simultaneously increase innovation while reducing IT costs. Flux7 has helped dozens of organizations with their IT modernization to address these challenges. For more information on how our years of experience can help simplify and accelerate the deployment of your common business applications on AWS, read more here.

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