IT Modernization and DevOps News in Review

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December 10, 2018


IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in ReviewOn the heels of AWS releasing a slew of new service features at its re:Invent show last week, DevOps tools providers are wrapping up the year with a few DevOps news announcements worth note. As 2018 begins to wind itself down, end of year surveys are begin to appear. Portworx shared the results of its recent survey, the 2018 Annual Container Adoption Survey in which it found that, “four out of five enterprises are now 

running container technologies, and an incredible 83 percent are running them in production — a huge leap from just 67 percent last year.” And while increasing developer productivity continues to be the primary reason for container adoption, enterprises are increasingly adopting containers to enable multi-cloud workloads.

DevOps Tools News

  • New this week was the final Kubernetes release of the year. Kubernetes 1.13 includes three main features. First, simplified cluster management with kubeadm, a tool for managing the cluster lifecycle, in which the GA release features graduated advanced features, specifically around pluggability and configurability. Second, users will find a container storage interface (CSI) which allows third party storage providers to write plugins that interoperate with Kubernetes without having to touch the core code. And, third, CoreDNS replaces kube-dns as the default DNS server for Kubernetes.
  • HashiCorp made HashiCorp Vault 1.0 publicly available. HashiCorp’s tool to manage secrets and protect sensitive infrastructure and application data, Vault 1.0 includes significant new functionality with an eye to supporting high performance, scalable workloads. Specifically, users can now expect to see a new type of token optimized for high performance, ephemeral workloads; OpenAPI support; expanded support for running Vault on Alibaba Cloud environments; the ability to manage GCP CKMS keys from within Vault; and cloud-based auto unseal is now open source.
  • Docker unveiled at its Barcelona conference Docker Desktop Enterprise. According to the company, it provides the Docker Engine with Swarm and Kubernetes orchestrators right on the desktop, all from a single install. The new solution allows enterprise admins the ability to automate the Docker Desktop installation, thus ensuring the entire dev team has the same configuration, thereby ensuring security, architecture and other enterprise standards are adhered to.
  • A new integration between Optimizely Full Stack and Atlassian’s Jira Software was unveiled this week. According to the news announcement, the integration will allow developers to move faster, mitigate launch risk and measure the impact of every product release by enabling developers to track the status of every product experiment in real time.

AWS News

Flux7 News

  • Flux7 CEO, Dr. Suleman recently had the opportunity to chat with Mike Garrison, the technical lead for Infrastructure Engineering at TRI, to talk about DevOps automation and cloud-based deep learning. Enjoy their talk here.
  • Knowing where and how to begin an AWS cloud migration can be a challenge. Whether you are new to public cloud, or you are looking to take your existing cloud environment to the next level, it’s imperative to start with a sound foundation. As a result, Flux7 has introduced a new guide, “Landing Zones Create a Secure, Scalable AWS Foundation” to help. Download your copy today.

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