IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 1.18.2021

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 1.18.2021

By Flux7 Labs
January 18, 2021

In this week’s DevOps news, Sysdig unveils its fourth annual Container Security and Usage Report in which it surveys its users to get an idea of how organizations secure their container environments. This year’s report is especially poignant given the recent disruptions by the SolarWinds breach. The report contains good news in that Sysdig found that DevOps teams are ‘shifting left’ with 74% of organizations scanning pre-deployment. Unfortunately, 58% of images run as root, which results in privileged containers that can be compromised. Sysdig notes, “This seemed high, so we asked our customers. It turns out that in practice, even if risky configurations are detected at runtime, teams don’t stop containers so they can continue deploying quickly.” Sysdig also found significant (300%) growth in Falco with over 20 million Docker Hub pulls, further illustrating a growing emphasis on security.

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DevOps News

  • Grafana introduces a new free plan which gives users everything they might need for monitoring, including Prometheus and Graphite for metrics, Loki for logs, and Tempo for tracing, all integrated within Grafana. The company is also upgrading its paid Grafana Cloud plan to include “a ton of new features and five times more metrics.”
  • Harness announces $115M in new financing with which it plans to build the next platform for software delivery. Specifically, it plans to bring two new modules for Continuous Integration Enterprise and Continuous Features to market in early 2021 and will update its Continuous Delivery and Continous Verification module experiences.
  • In related news, Cockroach Labs raises $160M which it plans to use to grow product development efforts for its cloud-native, distributed SQL database.
  • Intel reveals that VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger will join next month as CEO, replacing a retiring Bob Swan. Industry watchers remember that Gelsinger spent three decades at Intel, where he served most recently as CTO.

AWS News 

  • AWS enhances the AWS Snow Family console to make it easier to know which Snow device is the best fit for a given use case depending on the size and type of the workload(s). Operators can also now order AWS Snowcone and AWS Snowball devices from the console as well as download a Snow device unlock and manifest file, download AWS OpsHub for device management, and monitor the status of Snow jobs.
  • Operators can now use smart cards – like Personal Identity Verification and Common Access Card – to authenticate to Amazon AppStream 2.0. AWS has also added support for smart card in-session authentication for streaming applications.
  • Operators can now monitor Amazon EFS storage usage with Amazon CloudWatch.
  • Last, we enjoyed this AWS blog, Best practices and advanced patterns for Lambda code signing in which Cassia Martin shares how to enforce the integrity of code artifacts and make sure that only trusted developers can deploy code to your AWS Lambda functions. We also enjoyed this how-to article Optimizing Lambda functions packaged as container images by Rob Sutter in which he discusses how to build container images that reduce image size as well as build, deployment, and update time.  

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