IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 1.7.20

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 1.7.20

By Flux7 Labs
January 7, 2020

Happy New Year to our Flux7 blog readers. We’re happy to be back, starting the new year with new announcements from the world of DevOps, digital innovation, IT modernization, Agile and more. So, whether you are looking to move forward with a new resolution, or continue an ongoing evolution, we’re here with the latest news, trends, and use case stories to help. Don’t miss a beat and stay up-to-date in 2020 by subscribing to our blog today.

DevOps News


  • HashiCorp announced a new Kubernetes integration that enables applications with no native HashiCorp Vault logic built-in to leverage static and dynamic secrets sourced from Vault. According to a blog announcement, the integration is powered by a new tool called vault-k8s, which leverages the Kubernetes Mutating Admission Webhook to intercept and augment specifically annotated pod configuration for secrets injection using Init and Sidecar containers. 
  • GitLab unveiled that it is moving a large portion of its observability features (e.g. custom metrics, logging, tracing and alerting) from its proprietary codebase to its open-source codebase starting early this year.

AWS News


  • AWS revealed the news that its Security Hub can now integrate with Amazon Detective, which is currently in preview. In case you aren’t familiar with the service, Amazon Detective helps operators analyze, investigate, and identify the root cause of security findings or suspicious activities. The initial integration allows operators to pivot from Amazon GuardDuty findings in Security Hub directly into Amazon Detective to investigate them.

    AWS Security Hub also now integrates with AWS Firewall Manager, the firm’s security management service where you can configure and manage AWS WAF, AWS Shield Advanced, and Amazon VPC Security Group rules.
  • Our DevOps consulting team was happy to see that Amazon announced the ability to use AWS Systems Manager Session Manager to securely connect to Amazon EC2 instances directly from the Amazon EC2 console. And, that AWS Systems Manager Automation now supports running an Automation execution that targets all instances in the account and Region. According to Amazon, this support makes it easier to maintain consistency in your fleet when you make configuration changes or run a specific set of commands. 
  • Operators can now copy snapshots across regions with Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager. Thus, allowing you to create and enable policies that can now also copy snapshots to one or more AWS regions.
  • AWS CodePipeline has announced support for Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud. Currently in beta, the support allows operators to connect their Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud source repository to an AWS CodePipeline, allowing for the automation of the build, test, and deploy phases of the release process every time there is a code change.
  • Last, Amazon has unveiled new functionality that allows you to move data between Amazon FSx for Lustre and Amazon S3. Used for workloads such as machine learning, HPC, video processing, financial modeling, EDA, and analytics, Amazon FSx for Lustre, has added made it easier to synchronize file data and file permissions between Amazon FSx and Amazon S3. 


Flux7 News


Read our two new AWS case studies about how the Flux7 IT consulting services team developed and built an AWS-Based Tableau Infrastructure for a leading biopharmaceutical organization focused on curing cancer. And, the security best-practices we helped put into place in our AWS infrastructure in order to ensure the security of the company’s intellectual property, and patient’s personal data. 

Flux7 Helps BioPharma Beat Cancer with AWS-Based Tableau Infrastructure

AWS Security Hub, Tableau Backup Solution Keep BioPharma Research Secure

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