IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 11.18.19

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 11.18.19

By Flux7 Labs
November 18, 2019

“Today 99% of all new software projects have open source dependencies,” said GitHub CEO, Nat Friedman, as he opened GitHub Universe last week. At the show GitHub made several product announcements, as did partners, including the GA of code navigation for Ruby, Python, and Go repositories (with more languages coming soon), GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages; GitHub for mobile; custom filter notifications; and the beta of code search, code review assignment, and schedule reminders.

In addition, GitHub Enterprise Server 2.19 arrived which features updates to security features, community and project management, and developer productivity tools. Partner solutions like Sonatype introduced new integrations to strengthen GitHub with open source governance and dependency management controls were also announced at the show.


DevOps News

  • HashiCorp has announced GA of HashiCorp Vault 1.3. The new version features Entropy Augmentation which allows Vault Enterprise to sample entropy from external cryptographic modules; Active Directory Check In/Check Out for AD credentials; a new CLI command to gather health metrics of Vault nodes; Path Filters for Vault Enterprise that permit controlling which namespace secrets are replicated to secondaries; Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and more.

    In addition, HashiCorp announced Helm Chart 0.2 for Vault which seeks to reduce the complexity of running Vault configuration management on Kubernetes. The new release includes an added load balancer and ingress support, and has removed root requirements.
  • Mirantis revealed that it is acquiring Docker’s Enterprise platform business including products, technology, IP, and customer and partner relationships and will onboard former Docker Enterprise employees. The firm believes the acquisition will accelerate its vision to deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service for developers across clouds and on-prem infrastructure.
  • Codefresh launched what it called the world’s first CI/CD live debugger that according to the firm’s press release, allows developers to place breakpoints on one or more pipeline steps and once the pipeline hits one of them, it will pause and a debugging window will open. Users can then test commands, explore the state of the pipeline, and identify required changes.
  • Syk announced this week Snyk Container which it brands as a stand-alone product offering an easy and scalable approach to finding and fixing container vulnerabilities. It does so by identifying container vulnerabilities and helping developers quickly remediate them.
  • Renovate and WhiteSource let us all know that Renovate will now be part of WhiteSource, helping further its open source security goals. With the acquisition, Renovate hopes to “cement its place as the ‘keep absolutely everything up to date’ DevOps tool, not limited to just programming languages.”
  • GitLab and SourceGraph unveiled the soon-to-be-released end result of an integration announced last year to provide advanced code navigation and cross-referencing functionality for source code hosted by GitLab. The integration will be available on November 22 in the 12.5 GitLab release; the two groups plan to provide code intelligence and code navigation functionality in the integration.

AWS News 

  • AWS announced several bit of CloudFormation-related news this past week including a new resource import that helps operators bring existing AWS application resources into CloudFormation. With it, according to AWS, you can start managing existing resources such as Amazon S3 Buckets or DynamoDB Tables with all the benefits of AWS CloudFormation, regardless of how they were created or managed previously. It also allows you to refactor existing CloudFormation stacks and rename CloudFormation resources. 

    In addition, AWS CloudFormation templates can now be used to configure and provision additional features for AWS CodePipeline, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Amplify, Amazon ElasticSearch Service, AWS App Mesh, and more. For example, users can now specify tags for custom action and pipeline in AWS CodePipeline, for API Key, Rest API, Usage Plan, Domain name, and Client Certificate in Amazon API Gateway and much more. 
  • AWS Systems Manager has a new release that now features the ability to build, run, and share automations with others within a team or organisation. AWS reports this will make the process of managing infrastructure more repeatable and less error-prone. In addition, the new release features AWS Systems Manager Distributor which enables in-place updates to keep software packages installed during the update process, thereby enhancing your security posture and availability.
  • Operators can now use AWS Config to record AWS configuration changes to AWS Key Management Service keys and Amazon Elasticsearch Service domains as well as viewing metadata associated with them.
  • AWS revealed this week that operators can now deploy to ECS from within a GitHub repo through a new ECS starter workflow on GitHub Actions. 

Flux7 News

  • Cloud technology is moving quickly; at the 2018 re:Invent alone, AWS announced 76 new products and features. With that speed of change it’s easy to lose sight of the forest through the trees. Enter Forrester’s newest insights to help you understand the trends that will, to use their words, “reshape the cloud battleground — again.” Download your free copy of Predictions 2020: Cloud Computing today.
  • We are honored to share that Flux7 has been once again named to the CRN Magazine 2019 Next-Gen 250 list — for the third consecutive year. This annual list recognizes standout IT solution providers that embrace emerging technologies to adapt to an evolving marketplace. 

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