IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 11.9.2020

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 11.9.2020

By Flux7 Labs
November 9, 2020

A lot of focus has been on digital transformation driven by the myriad of economic and social changes 2020 has ushered in. Bringing a new perspective to transformation in this week’s DevOps news is Infosys Knowledge Institute who has released results of a new survey finding that “nearly 44% of top-tier companies expect a collaborative CMO-CIO relationship to boost profitability by 5% or more.”

As data and customer-centricity converge, Infosys finds that marketers were quick to identify agility and the evolution from customer experience to human experience as critical to future success – with 69% and 58% saying so. For its part, 62% of IT responders identified collaboration between CIOs and CMOs as significant to driving digital transformation across the enterprise.

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DevOps News

  • VMware announces that VMware Tools becomes a separate product. As part of vSphere until now, customers can now download Tools as a separate product from portal.
  • Snyk and Rapid7 release plans to grow their strategic partnership with an end-to-end solution for cloud native application security that unearths vulnerabilities both statically and dynamically. According to a press announcement, “this next phase of the partnership will provide developers with the ability to secure the critical components of today’s cloud native application development.” The newly combined solution allows operators to uncover security flaws in code and through runtime inspection and will allow developers to prioritize vulnerability remediation and mitigation.
  • In a new survey by SmartBear, only half of respondents say they are satisfied with their code review process today at their respective companies. The 2020 State of Code Review survey also found that for the second year running, “changing requirements” was the leading reason given for missing release deadlines.
  • Moogsoft unveils the Moogsoft Observability Cloud which it declares will deliver DevOps practitioners and Site Reliability Engineers with self-service intelligent observability capabilities. This will allow them to surface actionable insights and perform advanced event management across their digital infrastructure.
  • NTT DATA and Oxford Economics release new research, AI Accelerated, on artificial intelligence (AI). Respondents across eight key industries reveal that AI is critical for the future of their business, with 44% of executives reporting that failure to implement AI will adversely affect their bottom line in the years to come.

AWS News 

  • AWS pre-announces a solution to expected Docker Hub throttling errors as Docker begins limiting the rate at which images are pulled under their anonymous and free plans. The company says that “within weeks, AWS will deliver a new public container registry that will allow developers to share and deploy container images publicly. This new registry will allow developers to store, manage, share, and deploy container images for anyone to discover and download. Developers will be able to use AWS to host both their private and public container images, eliminating the need to use different public websites and registries.”
  • AWS introduces CloudWatch Lambda Insights. The new service monitors and troubleshoots serverless applications running on AWS Lambda. It collects, aggregates, and summarizes system-level and diagnostic information.
  • Amazon reveals Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ. Now operators can migrate their existing RabbitMQ message brokers to AWS without having to rewrite code. According to a blog announcement, Amazon MQ for RabbitMQ manages both individual and clustered message brokers and handles tasks like provisioning the infrastructure, setting up the broker, and updating the software.
  • Registration for this year’s re:Invent has opened. This year’s conference will be online and free to all.

Flux7 News

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