IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

By Flux7 Labs
April 22, 2019


IT Modernization DevOps NewsThe big buzz this week (pun intended) was from #CloudBeesDays where CloudBees announced the acquisition of Electric Cloud. The goal, according to a release by the company is to establish CloudBees as the first provider of DevOps continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment and ARA. Sacha Labourey, CEO and co-founder, was quoted as saying, “By combining the strength of CloudBees, Electric Cloud, Jenkins and Jenkins X, CloudBees offers the best CI/CD solution for any application, from classic to Kubernetes, on-premise to cloud, self-managed to self-service.”

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DevOps News

  • Packer 1.4.0 was announced this week by HashiCorp. The new features include added beta-level support for Docker builder to be used in conjunction with Windows containers and a new sleep and timeout provisioner. Our DevOps consulting team is most looking forward to the added recursive user variable interpolation.
  • In other HashiCorp news, the company announced Terraform 0.12 Beta 2. This second beta release contains major language improvements and a host of new features including improvements in HCL include for loops, conditional expression improvements, nullable arguments, an exact 1:1 mapping with JSON, and much more.
  • Last on the HashiCorp front is this blog article, Singularity and HashiCorp Nomad: A Perfect Fit for Enterprise High Performance Computing that our DevOps consulting team really enjoyed. Working on more and more HPC solutions for enterprises, we appreciated the insight on orchestrating high-performance analytical workloads.
  • CHAOSSEARCH announced GA of its search and analytics platform that allows operators to store, search and query all the data they need within their own Amazon S3 environment. 
  • Platform9 unveiled Klusterkit, a set of three open source Kubernetes tools. The tools can be used independently or in tandem to simplify the operation of secure, highly-available, etcd clusters, make it simple to deploy a Kubernetes control plane or nodes on any machine running Linux, and easily manage highly- available Kubernetes clusters on bare metal, on-premises, air-gapped environments.
  • GitHub shipped version 1.36 of its text editor, Atom and released beta version 1.37. With Atom 1.36, operators can open single files in large directories much faster, see pull request review comments from GitHub, and specify multiple wrap guides at once. According to GitHub, whereas previously, when you opened Atom on a single file, its containing directory was automatically opened as a root directory. Now, only the desired file will be opened.
  • With GitHub 1.37, users can view pull request reviews and review comments in a dock item. According to the firm, pull request authors will now enjoy many features for responding to code review comments from the editor including seeing review comments alongside the code.

Flux7 News

  • ICYMI this week Flux7 turned six and our CEO, Dr. Aater Suleman, had a few words to share about this important milestone. In addition, he announced that Flux7 has closed a round of funding from NewWave Partners, added a new director, Sagar  R. Lagisetti, to the board and saw customer contracts increase 247% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2019. Read Dr. Suleman’s letter here.
  • Organizations looking to modernize their applications are almost evenly divided between those that cloud-enable their legacy apps and those that go cloud native, according to IDC. Either way, they are increasingly using DevOps to get the work done faster and with higher quality. Recently Dr. Aater Suleman and Mike McGoldrick of IDC helped lead an evening of conversation featuring the latest DevOps research from IDC and Flux7 DevOps case studies of complex AWS cloud migration. Check out the blog for highlights of the discussion, focusing on the tale of two companies’ DevOps transformation.

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