IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

By Flux7 Labs
April 29, 2019


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Just days ahead of DockerCon, Docker announced a partnership with Arm to enable cloud developers to build applications for the cloud, edge, and IoT environments on the Arm architecture. In a press release, the companies state that they are working together to provide the first frictionless cloud-native unified software development and delivery model for cloud, edge, and IoT devices. The collaboration includes a common software pipeline and delivery and production frameworks.

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DevOps News

  • Rancher Labs announced k3OS, a new open source project that the firm defines as a Linux distro built for the sole purpose of running Kubernetes clusters, a Linux distro and the k3s Kubernetes distro combined. Rancher claims K3OS is perhaps the easiest way to stand up Kubernetes clusters on any server.
  • Continuous delivery startup Harness closed a $60 million series of funding to spur further growth and help it achieve its mission to simply software delivery.
  • And, Slack has filed to go public. According to the company’s S1, it had a net loss of $138.9 million and revenue of $400.6 million in the fiscal year ending January 31, 2019. It indicates it plans to make $100 million worth of shares available.
  • Carla Rudder at The Enterprisers Project penned a great read in which she discusses how open source, agile and DevOps work in tandem to provide seven clear advantages to agile teams. Chris Short, principal product manager for Red Hat Ansible and publisher of the DevOps’ish newsletter queues up the article noting that “Adopting DevOps and agile practices is how companies are managing the velocity of change.”
  • Last, we enjoyed this 2-minute read, Midsize IT Teams Can’t Deliver Digital Outcomes without Business Acumen, from the Gartner blog whose grounding point is that “Employees with high levels of business acumen are up to 21% more likely to deliver value from digital initiatives compared to those with low levels. (Gartner 2018 Digital Dexterity Survey).”

AWS News

  • AWS introduced advanced parameters that provide three enhanced capabilities to the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store. These advanced parameters enable operators to create more than 10,000 parameters, use a larger parameter value size (up to 8 KB) and add policies to parameters, all of which allow operators to store parameters with long values such as certificates with long key chains. These additions will allow operators to leverage AWS Systems Manager Parameter Stor for API key rotation.
  • In other Systems Manager Parameter Store news, AWS has announced that information about AWS regions and services will now be available programmatically in the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store and that you can easily access it from scripts and code. Our AWS consulting team is looking forward to how the new functionality will help simplify automation.
  • Last, creating workflows for the data workflow -- from ingestion to transformation and analytics can be challenging. As a result, we enjoyed this AWS blog on how to, build and automate a serverless data lake using an AWS Glue trigger for the Data Catalog and ETL jobs. For more on how to build a successful AWS data lake, please see our blog, AWS Data Lake Solution: Addresses Rapid Data Expansion & Complexity.
  • AWS officially opened its newest Region: Hong Kong SAR. The official name is Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) and the API name is ap-east-1.

Flux7 News

  • Jurassic Park is actually an IT failure that would have benefited from DevOps best practices. Our CEO, Dr. Suleman, makes this observation in his latest Medium article, Could DevOps Best Practices Have Saved Jurassic Park. Join the conversation and let us know if you agree.
  • Read our latest AWS Case Study: AWS VPN Provides AWS Sandbox Access for Data Analysis. Keeping in line with the principals of a Well Architected Review, a research wing of a global industrial firm wanted a solution to replace their current VPN and bastion host solution with access control topping the list. The answer: AWS Client site VPN. Learn how we implemented the solution to give remote researches access to the AWS sandbox and data for analysis.

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