IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

By Flux7 Labs
July 22, 2019


IT Modernization DevOps News Week in Review

GitLab unveils the results of its annual Global Developer Report. Focused this year on DevSecOps, the firm found that 89% of developers, operations, and security team members who work in an environment where DevOps has been in place long term feel as if they have good insight into what their colleagues are working on. Yet, DevOps security according to the report remains a work in progress with half of the respondents agreeing that security vulnerabilities are mostly discovered by the security team after code is merged and in a test environment.

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At Flux7, where we have a remote work environment, we were pleased to see that remote teams rate their DevOps security practices 29% higher than those who work mostly in-office and are 1.6x more likely to document their work. Testing remains the most likely factor to slow down deployments with GitLab reporting that 49% of respondents encounter the most delays during the testing stage of the development lifecycle -- followed by planning (34%), code development (30%), deploying to production (29%), and code review (24%).

DevOps News

  • Kubernetes has removed deprecated APIs from 1.16. Specifically, the release deprecates NetworkPolicy; PodSecurityPolicy; DaemonSet, Deployment, StatefulSet, and ReplicaSet; and Ingress.
  • Speaking of which, at OSCON 2019 IBM announced three new open source projects for developing cloud-native apps for Kubernetes. According to a blog announcement, the three solutions, Kabanero, Appsody and Codewind, enable developers, architects, and operations to work together, faster by giving them security with agility.
  • Also introduced at OSCON was version 3.0 of the WSO2 API Microgateway. Designed to simplify the process of creating, deploying and securing APIs within distributed microservices architectures, the new version features support for run-time service discovery, composing multiple microservices, transforming legacy API formats, and more.
  • Last, our DevOps consulting team enjoyed this two-part blog series from the folks at Red Hat Ansible who discussed how Red Hat Ansible Automation can integrate with ticket automation. Part One of the Ansible + Service series focused on opening and closing tickets while Part Two shares how to dynamically add a set of network facts from switches and routers into ServiceNow tickets.

AWS News

  • Amazon proudly announced this week that for the ninth year in a row, AWS is evaluated by Gartner as the Leader in cloud IaaS. AWS was scored highest in both axes of measure that Gartner uses in its Magic Quadrants, Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision. Rounding out the worldwide cloud IaaS leaders category are Microsoft and Google.
  • For those of you looking to get a better bead on your AWS costs, Amazon has announced that AWS Cost Explorer now supports usage-based forecasts. Available now, these custom usage forecasts using AWS Cost Explorer will allow you to get a line of sight into future usage patterns and get a better idea of expected cost trends while monitoring key usage patterns.
  • AWS announced the AWS Device Farm, an app testing service that seeks to help developers test their Android, iOS, and web apps with a massive collection of real mobile devices hosted in the AWS Cloud. According to Amazon, the new service offers both supported automation test frameworks to parallel test an app on many devices, or developers can use a Device Farm’s Remote Access (manual testing) feature to gesture, swipe, and interact, with the device in real-time directly from a web browser.

Flux7 News

  • How can retailers experiment and stay ahead of evolving customer expectations while also assuring operational and AWS security best practices are met? Clearly, a strong IT strategy to support the ability to counteract competitive pressures via innovation is needed. Read our blog, Tech Innovation Can Lead a Retail Rebirth Driving Business Growth to learn more.
  • We are honored that Forrester has named Flux7 among the companies it has included in its Now Tech: Application Modernization and Migration Services Q1 2019 report. In the report, Flux7 is named a cloud development and AWS cloud migration services specialist, serving markets in North America including software, finance, and life sciences. Download your complimentary copy today.

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