IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

By Flux7 Labs
July 29, 2019


IT Modernization DevOps News 10Underscoring why
DevOps security continues to be the leading thing that keeps
CIOs up at night is the newest Data Breach report from IBM and the Ponemon Institute in which they find that the average cost of a data breach has grown 12% since 2014. However, companies with an incident response team and extensive incident response testing were able to hinder some of the impacts of a data breach, reporting $1.23 million less in losses. Similarly, companies using encryption were able to help reduce the total cost of a breach by $360,000.

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In related news, Palo Alto Networks unveiled its Summer 2019 Unit 42 Cloud Threat Risk Report in which it found that “over the last 18 months, 65% of publicly disclosed cloud security incidents were due to misconfigurations, and 25% were due to account compromises.” In this time, cloud complexity with the growing adoption of Docker and Kubernetes has grown, opening the door to greater exposure.

Last, our DevOps consulting team enjoyed this blog, Manufacturers’ Digital Transformation Will Fail Without Both IT And OT in which Forrester analyst Paul Miller discusses why manufacturers need to combine the best of both IT and OT to meet the needs of the business — and its customers.

AWS News

  • Last week AWS announced the new AWS Chatbot, a new service that, according to the company, enables DevOps teams to receive AWS notifications and execute commands in Slack channels and Amazon Chime chat rooms with only minimal effort. While currently in beta, AWS Chatbot already supports Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Health, AWS Budgets, AWS Security Hub, Amazon GuardDuty and AWS CloudFormation.
  • Are PCI compliance and AWS security best practices important to your organization? If so, AWS wants you to know that it has expanded its PCI DSS certification scope by 79%, from 62 services to 111 services including 12 newly added services, Amazon AppStream 2.0, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon CloudWatch Events, Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK), AWS Amplify Console, AWS Control Tower, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline, AWS Elemental MediaConvert, AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Organizations, and AWS SDK Metrics for Enterprise Support.

Flux7 News

  • We are starting a new blog series about becoming an Agile Enterprise, starting with this week’s article on organizational structures. Many organizations embrace agile ways of working in an attempt to build faster, more customer-focused and resilient organizations. Read how we at Flux7 went about the process of choosing an organizational structure that would best support our Agile Enterprise.
  • We are honored that Forrester has named Flux7 among the companies it has included in its Now Tech: Application Modernization and Migration Services Q1 2019 report. In the report, Flux7 is named a cloud development and AWS cloud migration services specialist, serving markets in North America including software, finance, and life sciences. Download your complimentary copy today.

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