IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

By Flux7 Labs
August 26, 2019


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M&A activity was in the news this week with several significant industry announcements. Splunk announced a definitive agreement to acquire SignalFx, a SaaS provider of real-time monitoring and metrics for cloud infrastructure, microservices, and applications. As the APM market heats up, Splunk is asserting itself as an APM leader for organizations at every stage of their cloud journey.

VMware announced a deal to purchase Pivotal in a deal valued at $2.7B. They also revealed plans to acquire Carbon Black, an endpoint security company, for $2.1 billion. We also saw Resolve Systems announce the acquisition of FixStream. The marriage will bring together FixStream AIOps and Resolve’s IT automation and orchestration platform.

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DevOps News

  • Puppet announced Puppet Remediate with partners, Bitbone and Fishtech. According to a news announcement, the solution seeks to unify infrastructure and vulnerability data, quickly identifying what infrastructure resources are impacted by vulnerabilities, and then allows operators to take immediate action to remediate vulnerable packages without requiring any agent technology.
  • GitLab revealed that its Branch Source Plugin has been released to the Jenkins update center. The new plugin allows the creation of jobs based on GitLab user, group, or subgroup project by either import a single project’s branches as jobs from a GitLab user/group/subgroup or by importing all or a subset of projects as jobs from a GitLab user/group/subgroup.
  • Red Hat announced GA of Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh. According to the press release, Service Mesh connects, observes and simplifies service-to-service communication of Kubernetes applications on Red Hat OpenShift 4. OpenShift Service Mesh helps to free developer teams from the complex tasks of having to implement bespoke networking services for their applications and business logic.

AWS News

  • Amazon Forecast is now generally available. Announced at re:Invent last year, Forecast is a fully managed service that marries historical data and relevant metadata to produce accurate forecasts. No experience in machine learning is required.
  • Amazon announced vertical scaling for Redis Cluster mode with Amazon ElastiCache, allowing operators to scale up or scale down shared Redis Clusters on demand.
  • Healthcare companies can now mask health data in images or text with Amazon’s AI-Powered Health Data Masking.
  • AWS Systems Manager announced Quick Setup to more easily get started with key Systems Manager capabilities like patch compliance scanning.
  • And, the company also announced a Quick Start for Amazon Redshift, allowing operators to automatically deploy Redshift on the AWS Cloud.
  • AppStream, Amazon’s fully managed, secure application streaming service announced support for local file system redirection, which allows end-users to now open or save files on their computer from within their streaming session. It also added support for VPC endpoints for API operations and streaming traffic, which means that operators can route streaming traffic to AppStream streaming instances through Amazon VPC using VPC endpoints. In addition, operators can use a VPC endpoint to perform API operations without relying on an internet connection.

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