IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 2.10.2020

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 2.10.2020

By Flux7 Labs
February 10, 2020

Data takes center stage in this week’s IT modernization and DevOps news. We start with the 2020 HackerRank Developer Skills Report. This year’s report finds that across companies, full-stack developers are the most in-demand talent. Thirty-eight percent of hiring managers state it’s the leading role to fill this year. Hiring managers list back-end developers and data scientists as the next most sought-after roles.


While full-stack developers remain in high-demand, the job demands continuous learning. According to surveyed developers, 60% of full-stack developers learned a completely new framework last year and 45% learned a new language. In contrast, only 33% of DevOps engineers reported having to learn a new concept. 

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DevOps News


  • New research by Accenture unearths common traits among cybersecurity leaders. Specifically, leaders prioritize speed with 88% detecting a security breach in less than one day. They scale security technology effectively. This results in a 4X improvement in discovering and defending attacks. Nearly 40% of all organizations had more than 500,000 customer records exposed last year. However, leaders stop more attacks and reduce the impact of breaches when they occur.
  • And, while we’re discussing numbers… For the first time, Alphabet published Google Cloud revenue. The company brought in $8.92 billion in revenue in its last calendar year, with $2.61 billion in Q4 alone.
  • With financial reporting in from the majority of cloud providers, Synergy Research Group released its analysis of cloud spending. The firm finds that Q4 spend on cloud infrastructure services grew $2.8 billion over Q3, the biggest quarterly increment the market has seen. Cloud spending is now growing at 37% year-over-year. While the growth rate is slowing, they attribute it to “the massive scale of the market which forces growth rates to moderate.”
  • HashiCorp released a beta version of run triggers. Terraform Cloud’s new feature programmatically links workspaces. Thus, allowing you to automate runs across workspaces. According to a blog announcement, run triggers “are useful anywhere you’d like to have distinct pieces of infrastructure automatically queue a run when a dependent piece of infrastructure is changed.”

AWS News 

  • Amazon announced that operators can now use Amazon Elastic Filesystem (EFS) in AWS CodeBuild build jobs.
  • AWS updated its AWS Security Finding Format (ASFF), enabling Security Hub partners to send richer data to Security Hub. It now supports several new resource types, including: AwsCodeBuildProject, AwsEc2NetworkInterface, AwsEc2SecurityGroup, AwsElasticsearchDomain, AwsLambdaLayerVersion, AwsRdsDbInstance, and AwsWafWebAcl.

Flux7 News

  • Business often views innovation at the speed of the market and system security as opposing forces. Yet, agility and security can be simultaneously achieved in the cloud with development, operations, and cloud security best practices. Learn how to achieve cloud security with this balanced perspective in our new white paper: Effectively Balance Your Organization Between Security and Agility.
  • NTT DATA Services just released a new research study “Every Cloud Has a Culture Lining.” In it, six in 10 executives admit that “the technical challenges of moving applications to the cloud are much easier to deal with than the associated people-related challenges.” Read why Change Management is Both Technical and Cultural in our latest blog. 

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