IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 2.15.2021

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 2.15.2021

By Flux7 Labs
February 15, 2021

In this week’s DevOps news, DataDog announces its intent to acquire Sqreen. DataDog, known for its cloud app monitoring and security platform will pair its technology with Sqreen’s SaaS security platform to create a unified platform to deliver and manage secure applications. According to Olivier Pomel, CEO, Datadog in a press release announcement, “The application layer is currently one of the most vulnerable and exploitable attack surfaces. In combining Sqreen with Datadog, we plan to close the gap between application developers and security teams.”

DevOps News

  • New Relic introduces New Relic Explorer. According to the firm, it is a “reimagined Full-Stack Observability experience that delivers innovative new visualizations and capabilities to give engineers unprecedented visibility into their complete estate.” The new solution unites organizational telemetry data from across applications and infrastructure to give users a live view of an entire software system’s health and performance.
  • Dynatrace adds a new Cloud Automation Module to its Software Intelligence Platform. The new module orchestrates the application development lifecycle process, including automating code tests and quality checks against an organization’s service level objectives.
  • Sauce Labs and Sumo Logic form a new joint initiative to help enterprise engineering efficiency. The new venture will do so by allowing users to leverage their test data from Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud with Sumo Logic’s Software Development Optimization solution. The data can then be correlated with data from other parts of the software development pipeline.
  • ThoughtSpot and Microsoft announce an agreement in which ThoughtSpot Cloud will be available on Microsoft Azure. The agreement gives operators a new mechanism to bring analytics and insights from data in Azure Synapse Analytics and other cloud data warehouses to the organization through search and AI.
  • BluBracket makes its Community Edition generally available. The free, automated tool for finding passwords, tokens and other security vulnerabilities in code uses a “ML-based method for assessing code risk by assigning secrets and repo risks scores, so companies can quickly understand and act on security issues found in code.”
  • SQream releases its 2021 Challenges of Massive Data Analytics Report in which it finds that:
    • 87% of organizations lack the budget they need to analyze their exponentially growing data stores;
    • 59% of organizations expect their data to grow by 50% or more in the coming year;
    • 82% of organizations face challenges when it comes to analyzing massive volumes of data.

AWS News 

  • AWS extends the ability to attach tags to additional IAM resources, thus helping to identify resource owners and grant fine-grained access to resources at scale. In addition to IAM roles and IAM users that already support tags, operators can now tag the following types of IAM resources: Customer managed IAM policies, Instance profiles, OpenID Connect Provider, SAML providers, Server certificates, and Virtual MFAs.
  • AWS CloudFormation includes the ability to automate the process of creating SageMaker Studio domains and adding user profiles. CloudFormation code templates can now model the infrastructure set up for SageMaker Studio and configure its access.
  • AWS WAF adds the ability to natively parse request body JSON content. The new functionality allows operators to inspect specific keys or values of JSON content with AWS WAF rules, helping protect APIs by checking for valid JSON structure and more.
  • AWS operators can now access AWS CloudHSM service APIs from the Amazon VPC using VPC endpoints.
  • Last, our AWS consulting team enjoyed this AWS blog, Best practices for creating and managing sandbox accounts in AWS.

Flux7 News 

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