IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 2.3.2020

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 2.3.2020

By Flux7 Labs
February 3, 2020

Making DevOps news this week, Puppet released its annual State of DevOps report. This year’s study focuses on integrating security into the software delivery lifecycle. It finds that “Organizations with a high level of security integration are not only more confident in their security posture and view security as a shared responsibility across teams, but are also able to deploy on-demand more frequently, remediate vulnerabilities faster, prioritize security improvements over feature delivery, and halt a push to production to address a security issue.”


Taking an industry by industry approach to its analysis, the report finds that Financial Services scored a C- when it comes to security integration. Often weighed down with technical debt, only 33% were able to prioritize automating security controls over feature delivery. Retail was reported to have a C+ security integration rating despite just 32% having significant or full security integration, the lowest of all industries examined. The tech industry fares best overall with an A-.

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DevOps News


  • The NSA released new cloud security guidance in the form of a new datasheet. It breaks its guidance into four classes: misconfiguration, poor access control, shared tenancy vulnerabilities, and supply chain vulnerabilities. The NSA shares descriptions of each vulnerability class and its guidance for effective mitigations to lock down cloud resources.
  • It is only fitting that NSA released new guidance last week as the world celebrates the 39th anniversary of Data Privacy Day. Despite ongoing regulations and pressure from new laws like CCPA, research by Bitglass finds organizations have work yet to do. Fifty-two percent of Fortune organizations lack language on their websites about how they protect customers and partner data beyond the legally required privacy notice.
  • GitHub Desktop 2.3 announced two new features to help remove obstacles when making Git contributions. With a tighter integration between Desktop and, Git will now tell users when they can’t push to a cloned repository, offering instead to automatically create a fork. GitHub Desktop will also now warn you if you start making changes to a branch without having the right permissions, allowing users to create a new branch without disruption.
  • F5 Networks introduces NGINX Controller 3.0. Described as a cloud-native application delivery solution, the new 3.x series is a multi-cloud, self-service platform. Controller 3.0 streamlines code delivery to customers, and can monitor and manage app performance with what it calls intelligent application insights.
  • Chef Habitat 1.5 is now available. According to a blog announcement by Chef, Habitat is for enterprises that need an application automation solution for both cloud and on-premises deployments. The new release features:
    • the ability to deliver apps in secure environments behind the firewall;
    • visibility and validation in Chef Automate, and
    • other features for greater stability, manageability, and performance.
  • Indeed shares that the Kubernetes skills gap continues. Indeed data finds that from 10/18 to 10/19, the share of Kubernetes jobs per million rose 53.33%. Yet, the share of Kubernetes job searches only rose .85%.

AWS News 

  • Amazon announces Q4 2019 results, including $87.4 billion in revenue, of which $9.95 billion was attributed to AWS sales. This represents a 34% growth over 2018 AWS sales. Not to be outdone, Microsoft, which reported results for its fiscal Q2, also reported strong cloud growth. Its Intelligent Cloud business reached $11.9 billion in revenue, a 27% growth rate year over year.
  • Last, a new course caught the attention of our AWS Consulting team, AWS Transit Gateway Networking and Scaling. The free digital class teaches attendees how to create and configure an AWS Transit Gateway. Also included is how to connect VPN and direct connect to AWS Transit Gateway.

Flux7 News

  • What do Cunningham’s Law, Agile Delivery and creating great products have in common? Find out in this week’s guest Flux7 DevOps news blog by HPC SA Derek Magill. In it he shares how this funny law can be used to create quality outcomes in any organization. Check it out here: Cunningham’s Law, Agile & Getting to the Best Possible Answer.
  • Confused about serverless and when it’s ideal to deploy the framework? Flux7’s IT consulting services team created a new resource for you. Read their compare and contrast of the different models developers can choose from when deploying virtual infrastructure and applications.


Download the Serverless vs EC2 vs Containers: A Comparative Study

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