IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 4.13.2020

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 4.13.2020

By Flux7 Labs
April 13, 2020

IDC expects 2021 to be the year of multi-cloud according to a news release by the research firm. Analysts at the group believe that “the global COVID-19 pandemic will reaffirm the critical need for business agility.” A need they see being served by the public cloud’s ability to provide greater agility, scalability, and cost-effective IT infrastructure while keeping workloads in-house when public cloud is not an option. In related DevOps news, IDC finds that enterprises will strongly favor cloud AI solutions, as the technology can help them gain efficiency and agility. 

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DevOps News

  • HashiCorp made several news announcements this past week, including:
    • The GA of HashiCorp Vault 1.4. According to a company blog, the newest version of its secret management solution enhances its ability to operate natively in new types of production environments. It also includes a new feature, the Transform Secrets Engine. For Vault Enterprise users only, it securely transforms data to protect secrets in untrusted or semi-trusted systems outside of Vault.
    • Along with the new version of Vault comes GA of an Integrated Storage backend for it. Supporting production workloads, Integrated Storage is a Vault internal storage option that removes the need to manage a separate storage backend.
    • GA of Nomad .11 is also here. New features include extensible, pluggable storage volumes and autoscaling; and audit logging for enterprise users. Nomad also brings with it the lifecycle stanza for tasks that can be used to express task dependencies — between tasks in a task group, or to express inter-job task dependencies with Consul.
  • Docker launched a new open community for the Compose Specification. The goal of the community is to create a new standard for defining multi-container apps that can be run from the desktop to the cloud. Working with the open source community, Docker plans to extend the Compose Specification to better support platforms like Kubernetes and Amazon ECS.
  • Zscaler announced its intent to acquire Cloudneeti. Together the entities plan to provide data protection in the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform that will prevent and remediate cloud application misconfigurations that cause data breaches and compliance violations.
  • JetBrains and Pluralsight have both unveiled free developer resources. The JetBrain Academy is now free to use. And, Pluralsight is giving free access to its video courses throughout April.
  • And, happy birthday to Git who turned 15

AWS News 

  • AWS unveiled that Amazon ECS will now support Amazon EFS to help operators containerize apps that rely on data persistence or shared storage. According to the company, both containers running on ECS and AWS Fargate will be able to use Amazon EFS.
  • Speaking of containers and AWS, the latest version of AWS Fargate has arrived. The version, 1.4, now: features support for Amazon EFS endpoints; has tasks with a consolidated 20 GB ephemeral volume; provides network performance metrics via CloudWatch Container Insights; and more.
  • AWS announced that operators can now use AWS PrivateLink for private access to AWS Elastic Beanstalk APIs from an Amazon VPC.
  • In an effort to make it easier for admins, AWS shared that AWS Service Catalog now supports local launch constraints. This allows admins to share products from one AWS account to other AWS accounts, with the products launching locally in each account. 
  • Our DevOps consulting services team was happy to see that Transit Gateways in 11 additional regions now support AWS Transit Gateway’s ability to establish peering connections.
  • Amazon introduced Chime proxy phone sessions in which two users can now share a phone number to communicates for 12 hours or fewer. Rather than sharing personal phone numbers, users connect to the other person via a shared number in Caller ID.

Flux7 News

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