IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 4.20.2020

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 4.20.2020

By Flux7 Labs
April 20, 2020

Researchers at Carbon Black found a 148% increase in ransomware attacks from February to March this year. The spikes in attacks correlate to key days in the COVID-19 news cycle. This suggests that “attackers are being nefariously opportunistic and leverage breaking news to take advantage of vulnerable populations.” Financial organizations were disproportionately targeted with business services, manufacturing, government, electronics, and software companies rounding out the list of top targets.


In related security news, the FortiGuard Labs team reports it is seeing an average of about 600 new phishing campaigns per day. This is coupled with a 131% year-over-year increase in viruses in March. Particularly interesting to the firm is a reduction in the use of botnets and IPS-based triggers which the firm suggests is due to cyber criminals changing their attack strategies to best profit from the current situation.

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DevOps News

  • Extending support during COVID-19, Twilio offers its video platform for free to critical workers in healthcare, education, and the non-profit sector.
  • GitHub surprises by making GitHub free for teams. Specifically, they are making private repositories with unlimited collaborators available to all GitHub accounts. In the same blog announcement, GitHub notes that they are simultaneously reducing the price of the Team plan to $4 per user/month.
  • HashiCorp announces that Kubernetes operators can now use Vault in their Kubernetes environments with Vault Helm chart to manage secrets. 
  • Stackery brings secure serverless delivery features to the market, further automating CI/CD pipelines. In addition, Stackery announces additional audit capabilities, scoped IAM permissions, and secrets management for automated verification and deployment pipelines.  
  • In a press release, VMware announced the availability of VMware vRealize Operations Cloud. Now offered as a SaaS solution, it enables consistent operations for the VMware hybrid cloud across on-premises software-defined data centers, VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Cloud providers, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Functionize releases its new Architect utility. An update to Functionize’s software testing tools, Architect includes improved ML functionality to support complex testing scenarios for enterprise software.
  • The union of CollabNet VersionOne, XebiaLabs, and Arxan Technologies was unveiled this week as In a press release, the new organization says it is, “on a mission to revolutionize how enterprises create, measure, deliver, secure, and continuously improve digital products that provide value, fuel revenue growth, and enable innovation in today’s rapidly changing world.”
  • In encouraging news NASA reports that Curiosity Keeps Rolling As Team Operates Rover From Home. “It’s classic, textbook NASA. “We’re presented with a problem and we figure out how to make things work. Mars isn’t standing still for us; we’re still exploring.” 

AWS News 

  • Amazon made several announcements related to AWS Snowball and the “Snow Family” of solutions:
    • AWS Snowball now features task automation with the help of AWS Systems Manager. Now operators can write scripts in Python or PowerShell directly in AWS OpsHub, the Snow Family management GUI, to automatically execute defined operations.
    • In addition, Snowball also now supports local AWS IAM. While Snowball devices were previously protected with an unlock code and manifest file, operators now have more fine-tuned control of who has access to and what they can do with the AWS services and resources on Snowball devices.
    • For those of you looking to accelerate the process of migrating terabytes of data to AWS, Snowball Edge Storage Optimized has accelerated its data transfer rates by 25%.
    • Last, AWS introduces AWS OpsHub for managing AWS Snowball devices. The GUI allows operators to deploy edge computing workloads and simplify data migration to the cloud.
  • AWS announces GA of Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate support for Amazon EFS File Systems. According to the company, Amazon ECS tasks running on both Amazon EC2 and AWS Fargate can now mount Amazon EFS file systems. 

Flux7 News

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