IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 4.6.2020

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 4.6.2020

By Flux7 Labs
April 6, 2020

As organizations continue to flux to move employees to work at home, more resources become available. Forrester offers its free recommendations for “Essential Technology For Remote And Quarantined Employees During A Pandemic” and the CybersecurityCares site launches as a resource during the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides free educational resources, a catalog of cybersecurity tools being offered for free during the coronavirus pandemic, and a curated list of charities to donate money and time. For more free resources, check out our DevOps News blog on free eConferences.

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DevOps News

  • GitLab is moving 18 of its features to OpenSource. Included in the move are features from Plan, Create, Verify, Package, Release, Configure, and Defend. 

    In related news, GitLab released version 12.9.2 for GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

  • Splunk introduces the next release of SignalFx Microservices APM. The update to the firm’s application performance monitoring solution combines SignalFx and Omnition into a single solution. Less than one year ago, Splunk purchased both companies; the new, integrated solution helps companies better manage data complexity in cloud-native environments.

  • Kubernetes 1.18 features three significant improvements to the Ingress API, which enables a large number of controllers to manage inbound network traffic to Kubernetes workloads. According to a blog post, the additions include:
    • A new pathType field that can specify how Ingress paths should be matched.
    • A new IngressClass resource that can specify how Ingresses should be implemented by controllers.
    • Support for wildcards in hostnames.
  • SmartBear acquires Test Management for Jira (TM4J) from Adaptavist. The company says it plans to invest in innovation around TM4J’s support for behavior-driven development. And, it will add seamless integration to CrossBrowserTesting, LoadNinja, SoapUI Pro, and TestComplete.

AWS News 

  • AWS introduces the ability to review and remediate unintended access. With the new feature, operators can enable AWS IAM Access Analyzer for all their accounts managed through AWS Organizations. This allows teams to find unintended access to resources from outside their AWS organization. From here, users can determine if any resource policies violate security and/or governance practices by allowing unintended access.
  • AWS users can now receive and view AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, and/or AWS CodePipeline notices right in Slack. The new integration allows users to configure in AWS Console which notices to send.
  • Amazon Detective, the company’s service for identifying security root causes, is now generally available.
  • Amazon announces the AWS Service Management Connector for Jira Service Desk. Known previously as the AWS Service Catalog Connector, it enables AWS Service Catalog, AWS Config, and AWS Systems Manager integration features on Jira projects. The service makes it easier for Jira Service Desk users to request AWS products.

Flux7 News

This week we featured two resources to help teams upskill and close the skills gap:

  • This week we announced the AWS CloudFormation Third Party GitHub Repository. The new resource allows users to automatically create GitHub repositories from an AWS CloudFormation template. By automating key portions of infrastructure creation, users grow efficiency and speed time to innovation. The new open-source tool will be managed and updated by Flux7 and is available now.
  • As events move from a traditional to virtual conference format, it’s important to have a strategy to gain the most from the event, before, during and after. Check out our Infographic with our tips. How to Get the Most from a Virtual Conference Experience 

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