IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 7.13.2020

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 7.13.2020

By Flux7 Labs
July 12, 2020

In this week’s DevOps news, Oracle announces its Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer. The new cloud region brings together Oracle’s second-generation cloud services in an on-premises cloud solution. Touted as ideal for highly regulated or security-focused businesses, the new offering was quickly flagged as taking on AWS Outposts.

AWS, for its part, announced Amazon RDS support for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases on AWS Outposts. It complemented this news with the introduction of its Migration Acceleration Program for Storage which provides services, best practices, and tools to help accelerate storage migrations on AWS.

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DevOps News

  • SUSE agrees to acquire Rancher Labs. Both open source companies, the two will combine to now provide “computing everywhere with the latest AI and seamless deployment of containerized workloads from the edge to the core to the cloud” according to the news release.
  • HAProxy releases 2.2 with improvements to TLS runtime certificates management, performance and security improvements and more.
  • Microsoft introduces a new extension for Azure Functions. It lets a function seamlessly interact with Dapr to build cloud-native applications. According to the announcement, Azure Functions provides an event-driven programming model and Dapr provides a set of essential cloud-native building blocks. And the extension unites both for serverless and event-driven applications. 
  • BrowserStack acquires Percy for automated visual tests on BrowserStack’s platform.

AWS News 

  • Docker and AWS partner to create a single experience for developers to use Docker Compose, Docker Desktop, and Docker Hub to deploy their apps on Amazon ECS and Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate. The new collaboration has created a simplified workflow that allows developers to quickly and easily switch from running containers in a local Docker Desktop environment to Amazon ECS.
  • AWS announces GA of AWS IoT SiteWise for industrial applications. The service collects plant floor data, generating reports to help operators make more informed decisions. 
  • For those looking for more AWS cost controls, AWS releases Amazon EMR Managed Scaling. The new feature will automatically resize a cluster for optimal performance at the lowest possible cost. Operators need only specify the minimum and maximum compute limits for their clusters and Amazon EMR does the rest.  In this same vein, AWS brings AWS resource tagging to Spot Instance requests on creation — in addition to the tags for each individual, launched Spot Instance.
  • AWS EC2 Image Builder integrates with AWS KMS, empowering operators to build and distribute AMIs with Amazon EBS encryption.
  • Amazon ECS unveils AWS Copilot, a CLI tool to enable operators to develop, release, and operate containerized applications on AWS. According to the blog announcement, AWS Copilot will create all infrastructure and artifacts required to run production-ready service on Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate, including task definitions, image repositories, and AWS resources like load balancers, deployment pipelines — all with a single command. 
  • AWS Marketplace makes available AWS Control Tower integrated third-party software. 
  • Last, our AWS consulting team enjoyed this AWS blog, Load testing a web application’s serverless backend.

Flux7 News

  • Four Recommendations to Boost Test Automation In this article Elysia Lock shares several approaches to boost the amount of automated testing you’re doing, and how to focus where it counts most.
  • How do you measure where you are, where you could improve and how you benchmark against others? This article by Flux7’s Elysia Lock, shares through the case study of a Fortune real estate firm how you can build a roadmap for greater maturity with a Cloud Maturity Assessment

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