IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 8.3.2020

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 8.3.2020

By Kim Blomgren
August 3, 2020

In this week’s DevOps news, the leading cloud vendors report earnings, with AWS maintaining its leadership position. The company reported revenue of $10.8B in Q2, a 29% year over year growth. While this was a decrease from Q1 profits, AWS contributes it to increasingly cost-conscious customers. Similarly, Microsoft saw Azure growth slow, with revenues for Q2 coming in at a 47% increase year over year, but at a slower growth rate as well. For its part, Google reported its Cloud revenues grew 43% year over year in Q2. Composed of GCP and G Suite, the Cloud division raked in $3B.

According to new research by VMware Carbon Black, attacks continue to accelerate. In this first USA threat report, researchers learn 92% of security professionals said the volume of attacks they faced has increased. And, 97% of organizations had suffered a breach in the prior 12 months; 84% report that attacks have become increasingly sophisticated.

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DevOps News

  • CyberArk releases a new open source tool called SkyArk. Focused on “mitigating the new threat of Cloud Shadow Admins,” the tool helps enterprises discover, assess and protect cloud privileged entities with two modules. AzureStealth, which scans Azure environments and AWStealth which scans AWS environments. The modules can detect shadow admin accounts inside AWS and Azure, and can detect those entities with the most sensitive and/or risky permissions.
  • Git releases Git 2.28. The new version includes a new configuration option init.defaultBranch that replaces the hard-coded term. Other updates include Bloom filters, performance improvements, and more.
  • Google Cloud announces three security updates: the beta release of Cloud Armor Managed Protection Plus to protect internet-facing applications, beta of Google-curated Named IP Lists, and the expansion of its pre-configured WAF rules.
  • New Relic delivers strategic updates to New Relic One, including a new perpetual free tier, an unified user experience, and updated pricing.
  • Microsoft makes its new Windows Virtual Desktop functions generally available. Specifically, Microsoft unveiled new A/V redirect capabilities for greater Microsoft Teams collaboration and Azure portal integration.
  • Splice Machine launches Splice Machine Kubernetes Ops Center with Helm Charts. With the new Ops Center, DevOps teams can provision, manage, and operate a collection of Splice Machine scale-out SQL databases and machine learning platforms.
  • GitHub releases the GitHub public roadmap, sharing information about upcoming features and functionality.
  • MuseDev launches the Early Access version of its code analysis platform, Muse, on the Github Marketplace. Muse helps developers proactively locate and fix security, performance, and reliability bugs before they reach QA or production.

AWS News 

  • Amazon makes Amazon Fraud Detector generally available. The fully managed service helps enterprises identify potentially fraudulent online activities e.g. online payment fraud and the creation of fake accounts.
  • Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose now supports data delivery to generic HTTP endpoints, MongoDB Cloud, Datadog, and New Relic.
  • AWS DataSyncexpands to automate the transfer of data between on-premises object storage and Amazon S3, EFS, or Amazon FSx for Windows File Server over the internet or via AWS Direct Connect.
  • Amazon introduces a premigration assessment tool that helps flag potential database migration problems before beginning a migration. The premigration assessment scans source and target database schemas and the migration task settings, recognizing areas of potential mismatch.
  • AWS updates ParallelCluster to 2.8.0. The open source cluster management tool now supports ARM-based instances, sports enhanced pcluster update functionality, and adds support for automatic backups with FSx for Lustre.
  • AWS improves AWS Systems Manager Quick Setupto support AWS Organizations. With the update, Organization master accounts can define configurations for Systems Manager to engage on their behalf across accounts in the Organization.
  • Twelve PCI DSS and seven new AWS Foundational Security Best Practices standardsecurity controls have been added to AWS Security Hub.
  • Last, AWS announces that reInvent this year will be virtual and free. Sign up for updates here.

Flux7 News

  • DevOps engineer Nikhil Araga shares his Lessons from the DevOps Front Lines, sharing his takeaways about working as part of an Agile team and specific technologies.
  • This year has been full of curveballs for IT leaders. Yet, with an adaptive strategy and IT agility that will flex to hit any curveball, IT leaders can react intelligently to a ‘new normal,’ building a strategy for what’s to come, despite market ambiguities. Read our latest blog on how to build an agile digital platform to effectively navigate the new normal.

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