IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 8.31.2020

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 8.31.2020

By Flux7 Labs
August 31, 2020

In this week’s DevOps news, Microsoft shares how the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation of cybersecurity. According to a new survey, the majority of interviewed firms (58%) have increased their security budgets, with 82% planning to use a portion of the expanded budget to add staff. The top goal identified by security teams is to provide secure remote access, with multi-factor authentication identified as the top security investment made during the pandemic. Compliance has not been neglected during the pandemic with 65% reporting an increased budget for it. Longer-term, respondents identified cloud security (40%) as a top area for investment along with Zero Trust with 51% of companies speeding up their deployments.

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DevOps News

  • Kubernetes releases 1.19. Highlights of the 34 updates include:
    • The extension of the support window to one year,
    • Alpha of storage capacity tracking that adds an API for a CSI driver to report storage capacity to the Kubernetes scheduler when choosing a node for a pod.
    • Alpha of generic ephemeral volumes. It allows any existing storage driver to support dynamic provisioning to be used as an ephemeral volume with the volume’s lifecycle bound to the Pod.
    • Alpha of CSI health monitoring that enables CSI drivers to share abnormal volume conditions.
  • The community welcomes Verta, a newly launched company that it says it helps data science teams bring order to the chaos of sprawling enterprise machine learning
  • Eggplant updates its Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) platform to include guided onboarding, proactive test asset maintenance that identifies issues with test assets and suggests a solution, and a system health status snapshot that gives users an overview of each element.
  • Cloudian introduces support for container-based applications with its Cloudian Kubernetes S3 Operator. Described as a self-service tool for developers to dynamically provision Cloudian HyperStore S3-compatible object storage, it gives operators the ability to modernize storage infrastructure with a Kubernetes-enabled private cloud solution.
  • Google announces Google Cloud App Modernization Program (Google CAMP). Google CAMP offers tailored modernization advice, DORA-based best practices for application modernization; and an extensible platform for everything from writing code, to running, operating, and securing applications.
  • A central component of CAMP is Google Anthos, the company’s hybrid and multi-cloud cloud platform, that has received several updates. New capabilities include hybrid AI that bridges on-prem data and workloads; Anthos attached clustersthat let operators manage Kubernetes clusters within the Anthos control plane; and Anthos for bare metal, in beta.
  • Last, Google adds to its application development and delivery platform. Specifically, support for Cloud Run, Google’s managed container platform, has been added to Cloud Code IDE plugins; support for faster feedback as part of the local development loop has been added; and to start building applications even faster, Google added built-in support for Google Cloud Buildpacksin Cloud Code.
  • Dynatrace extends its Software Intelligence Platform to support all services from AWS that publish metrics to Amazon CloudWatch to give users greater context for their AWS and hybrid-cloud environments.

AWS News 

  • AWS makes AWS App Mesh controller for Kubernetes Providing application-level networking to standardize how services communicate, the AWS solution provides a way to configure and manage AWS App Mesh directly using Kubernetes. Updates include support for Envoy sidecar image version 1.15.x; default opt-in and opt-out options for sidecar injection per namespace; optional resource limits for sidecar and init containers and more.
  • AWS updates AWS CloudTrail Insights to help operators correlate user identities, user agents, and error codes associated with unusual levels of API activity. With the update, operators can readily see which IAM users and roles have the greatest API activity, helping assess and react to anomalies.
  • AWS launches Amazon Route 53 Resolver Query Logs. The new tool will log all DNS queries made by resources within Amazon VPC. According to a blog announcement, the new functionality will help operators explore and better understand how apps operate as “if it lives in your Virtual Private Cloud and makes a DNS query, then this feature will log it…”

Flux7 News

  • Last week we announced SNowForm, a new solution that integrates ServiceNow Service Catalog and Terraform Enterprise to quickly and easily build infrastructure on public cloud platforms, including AWS and Azure. Read more here.
  • Manufacturers Get Closer to the Customer. Read our latest blog on how manufacturers use disruption as an opportunity to grow closer to the customer with technologies like low code, IoT, and ML/AI.

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