IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 9.28.2020

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 9.28.2020

By Flux7 Labs
September 28, 2020

DevOps World anchors this week’s DevOps news as CloudBees makes several announcements at its virtual event. Specifically, the company unveiled two software delivery management modules – for management and engineering productivity use cases — fulfilling its vision to “solve challenging software delivery problems for organizations and enable them to continuously deliver software efficiently…”  The CloudBees Software Delivery Management will be GA with these two modules in Q4 2020, according to the company.

CloudBees also reveals the results of a survey studying the impacts of COVID-19 on software delivery. They found that the pandemic moved organizations to prioritize digital transformation projects, DevOps, and cloud migration. Interestingly, the report found that virtual work helps software teams become more productive. Last, the company announced new DevSecOps capabilities for CloudBees CI and CloudBees CD including the integration of feature flag capabilities within CI/CD environments, enhanced Role-Based Access Control, and more robust disaster recovery capabilities.

Conference attendees may have also found themselves at the virtual Ignite conference where Microsoft launched several updates. Most notably:

  • Azure Arc enabled data services (preview) that enable Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure PostgreSQL Hyperscale to run across on-premises data centers, multi-cloud and the edge.
  • GA of Azure Arc enabled servers, allowing operators to organize and govern Windows and Linux servers (physical and VM) across multi-cloud, multi-edge environments.
  • GitHub integration for Power Apps (preview), to ease application lifecycle management using a CI/CD tool of choice.
  • New containerized runtime for Logic Apps (preview)
  • Reserved Instance pricing for App Service starting November 1, 2020. Microsoft says the new pricing brings up to 35% cost savings for a 1-year commitment and up to 55% savings for a 3-year commitment.
  • AKS start/stop cluster feature (preview) that enables operators to pause an AKS cluster and pick up where they left off later.
  • Azure Kubernetes Services on Azure Stack HCI (preview).
  • GA of Azure SQL Edge for edge workloads.

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DevOps News

  • GitHub Enterprise Server gets an update. Added to a new release are GitHub Actions and Packages, allowing enterprises to run CI/CD pipelines from within their own environment. Additional updates include changes to run GitHub Enterprise server at scale, code scanning (beta), simpler workflows with pull requests, and improvements to the repository homepage.
  • Microsoft Azure brings new security coverage to the market to protect Azure and multi-cloud workloads. The firm announces: announce a broad set of innovations to help you protect multi-cloud and Azure workloads including user and entity behavior analytics and threat intelligence for Azure Sentinel; multi-cloud security posture management for Azure Security Center; managed hardware security module for Azure Key Vault; double Encryption for data at rest and transit; and more.
  • GitLab releases 13.4. The release enables HashiCorp Vault secrets to be injected into CI/CD jobs as part of the build and deploy process. Also introduced is a GitLab Kubernetes Agent that allows operators to deploy Kubernetes clusters from GitLab without exposing them to the Internet. HashiCorp support continues with automatic versioning support for Terraform state files. GitLab reports 53 new or updated features in this new release.
  • At Google Cloud Security Talks, Google Cloud announced Chronicle Detect. While parts of the solution were announced earlier, the threat detection solution’s final pieces have arrived to help. According to a blog announcement, Chronicle Detect brings modern threat detection to enterprises with the next-generation rules engine that operates at the speed of search.
  • PagerDuty agrees to acquire Rundeck. The acquisition adds to PagerDuty’s incident response offering with intelligent machine automation.
  • ThoughtSpot launches ThoughtSpot Cloud, a SaaS offering to provide enterprises with insights from their data in cloud data warehouses like Amazon Redshift and Snowflake.
  • Known for its cloud security, Druva announces beta support for Kubernetes workloads. The added support is said to deliver application protection accessible across the IT team and DevOps and allows users to recover, migrate, or clone Kubernetes workloads.
  • TIBCO unveils several product updates and a partnership with WorkFusion, “to further enhance the TIBCO Responsive Application Mesh vision.” The news includes the ability to monitor applications in a single view, whether hybrid architectures or on-premises; the ability to create and discover assets from anywhere and to anywhere in TIBCO Cloud; contextual event processing to cloud-native assets, and; digital process automation at hyperscale.
  • Last, we found this research by Algorithmia fascinating. In a summer survey of IT leaders, they found that “66% of organizations realized that AI/ML projects matter more than they thought before the pandemic, with nearly a quarter (23%) believing it should have been their highest priority before and during the pandemic.” Not wasting time, however, over half of large enterprises report already having more than 20 AI/ML projects in action. 

AWS News 

  • Amazon introduces AWS Perspective. The new solution helps operators build customizable and shareable architectural diagrams of workloads from live account data.
  • AWS previews AWS Cost Anomaly Detection. The service sends operators anomaly detection alert notifications with root cause analysis, allowing them to act and minimize unintended costs.
  • AWS launches AWS Copilot CLI for Amazon ECS 0.4. The service now enables operators to auto-scale services based on average CPU and memory use.
  • Our AWS consulting team, enjoyed this AWS blog, On-Demand SCIM provisioning of Azure AD to AWS SSO with PowerShell. In it, Aidan Keane shares how to use a PowerShell script to instigate on-demand synchronization between Azure AD and AWS SSO.
  • Speaking of SSO, AWS SSO adds this week account assignment APIs and AWS CloudFormation The added functionality automates access across AWS Organizations accounts.
  • And, AWS CloudFormation expands further as CloudFormation Registry adds support for StackSets resource type. This addition allows operators to provision and manage stack sets resources together with other AWS resources via CloudFormation.

Flux7 News

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