IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 9.30.19

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 9.30.19

By Flux7 Labs
September 30, 2019

This week Puppet unveiled its annual State of DevOps report with several significant findings. Focused this year on patterns and practices that help organizations integrate security into the software development lifecycle, Puppet unearthed several ways better security integration leads to better business outcomes.

Most notably, respondents with the highest level of security integration have security policies and practices that significantly improve their firm’s security posture (82%) and they are able to deploy to production on-demand at significantly higher rates (61%). 


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In another survey released this week, ESG found that “81 percent of respondents said their on-premises data security practices are more mature than those that are intended to secure cloud-resident data. At the same time, an alarming 50 percent of those surveyed say their organization has lost cloud-resident data.” A strong emphasis on DevSecOps is needed according to 43% of respondents with DevSecOps automation named as the highest priority to address cloud security challenges.


DevOps News


  • Announced this past week was Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, which combines Red Hat Ansible Engine, Red Hat Ansible Tower and Red Hat Ansible Network Automation with new features like Certified Content Collections, Automation Hub, and Automation Analytics into a single subscription. The new combined solution aims to improve cross-team collaboration, governance, and analytics helping organizations achieve automation across teams.
  • Jenkins announced the new Audit Log plugin for Jenkins, which provides operators with an audit trail of various Jenkins events, such as user login and logout events, credentials usage, user password updates, starts and ends of builds, and more.
  • Released this week was Apache CloudStack which now uses GitHub to track issues.
  • TIBCO announced a collaboration with AWS in which more than 20 of its products will be available to connect on AWS. The company highlights three in particular: TIBCO Cloud Integration, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM 4.3.0, and TIBCOComputeDB 1.1.

AWS News 

  • AWS announced three new Quick Starts for deploying JFrog Artifactory in just 30-45 minutes. The three options include Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, and Amazon EKS. AWS states that the Quick Starts are for administrators who want to use JFrog Artifactory with the flexibility, scale, and availability of AWS.
  •  According to a blog announcement, AWS Systems Manager now allows operators to execute Ansible playbooks directly from GitHub or Amazon S3 through Systems Manager Run Command or State Manager. Operators can now use complex playbooks to manage and enforce the desired state of their Amazon EC2 and on-premises instances.
  • Amazon ECS announced a new feature designed to reduce service interruptions due to Spot termination for ECS workloads. It allows ECS customers to safely manage ECS task interruptions running on Spot instances due to termination of the underlying EC2 Spot instance; Automated Spot Instance Draining automatically places Spot instances in “DRAINING” state upon the receipt of a two-minute interruption notice. 
  •  AWS DataSync now supports all Amazon S3 storage classes, allowing operators to directly transfer data into any Amazon S3 storage class, control overwrites for existing files or objects, and configure additional data verification checks. 

Flux7 News

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