IT Modernization and DevOps Week in Review

By Flux7 Labs
April 30, 2018


IT Modernization and DevOps Week in Review

When it comes to the most popular tools and technologies for IT Modernization and cloud computing, this week’s news rules them all. As you’ll see, this week saw the announcement of Linux Ubuntu 18.04, by far the most popular cloud OS, according to research by The Cloud Market. In fact, it’s so popular that it is chosen at a rate of almost 2:1 of the next four OSs combined. AWS also continued to prove its rank as the leading cloud provider as it released its Q1 earnings.

Puppet Grows IT Process Automation

As firm believers in IT process automation as a mechanism to drive IT modernization, we had to start today’s roundup with Puppet’s announcement of two new automation products: Puppet Discovery for automated discovery across cloud and containers; and Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise which brings traditionally developer-focused Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) to operations teams. And, Puppet has enhanced its core features as well including an added layer of automation for disaster recovery and role-based access controls for finer-grain control.

Interested in how CIOs can use automation to be the driving force behind tomorrow’s innovation engine? Download our IT Process Automation white paper here.

Linux Ubuntu and Kubernetes

Canonical, the lead sponsor of Ubuntu Linux, made Ubuntu 18.04 available this past week. With a keen eye toward facilitating cloud operations, Canonical included several features in the first update in two years geared specifically for multi-cloud operations. As its CEO, Mark Shuttleworth, notes in a press announcement, “Boot-time and performance-optimised images of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on every major public cloud make it the fastest and most efficient OS for cloud computing, especially for storage and compute-intensive tasks like machine learning.”

The AWS Consulting team here at Flux7 is very focused on high velocity applications, which the new Ubuntu is tuned specifically to support. Moreover, the announcement brings with it the distribution of Kubernetes (CDK) which runs on public cloud, VMware, OpenStack and more. Delivering the current version, Kubernetes 1.10, and supporting future versions, the CDK is priced as if it’s built into the core Ubuntu enterprise package, thus helping provide greater workload portability from private to public cloud.

Code named Bionic Beaver, Ubuntu 18.04 is a Long Term Support (LTS) release that will be supported through April 2023.

AWS News

Amazon this week confirmed its spot as the largest (and still growing) cloud provider in its quarterly earnings call, announcing 49% growth in revenue in the first quarter. Beating expectations, Amazon’s cloud business grows unabated as enterprises continue to engage with its advanced cloud services, and as more and more enterprises continue to migrate workloads to the cloud.

AWS Whitepapers: Cloud Migration Strategy

Speaking of migrating workloads to the cloud, as AWS migration partners, the team at Flux7 this week made available a new resource for enterprises exploring a cloud migration strategy.

While there are many approaches to large-scale cloud migration, especially for large enterprises with a myriad of business-critical applications, Flux7 has created a series of short papers designed to walk you through creating a custom approach to your organization’s cloud migration strategy. You can sign up for the full series here.

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