IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review

By Flux7 Labs
March 26, 2019


IT Modernization DevOps News

At #DWS19, the DataWorks Summit in Barcelona, Cloudera introduced its strategy for bringing together Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Cloudera Distribution Hadoop (CDH) following its merger. According to Cloudera’s Hollison, the CDP will have four primary elements: support for multi-function analytics; support every possible means of cloud delivery with a common metadata catalog and schema; a common security and governance model across both; and it shall be open platform.

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DevOps News

  • AgileCraft is acquired by Atlassian. According to Steve Elliott in his blog announcement, “Connecting Jira Software, Trello, Jira Service Desk and AgileCraft together provides the foundation and building blocks for an organization to drive a modern digital enterprise, ultimately giving Atlassian customers choice and flexibility as they progress on their agile journey.”
  • HashiCorp announced last week the public availability of its secret management tool, HashiCorp Vault 1.1. New features in Vault 1.1 include the ability to cache secrets for easy access to applications and edge services, the ability to authenticate to Vault via OpenID Connect; and the ability to auto-unseal a Vault cluster from a separate Vault cluster via transit encryption.
  • Our DevOps consulting team enjoyed the news that GitLab is extending free use of CI/CD for GitHub for six months. As you may know, GitLab built CI/CD for external repos and CI/CD for GitHub to allow users to host code repositories on, GitHub Enterprise, BitBucket, or any git server, while using GitLab CI/CD to build, test, and deploy your code. Users have until September 22nd, 2019 to enjoy CI/CD for external repos as a Free or Bronze user on The feature will continue to be part of the Premium tier for GitLab Self-managed.
  • VMware Cloud on AWS, launched in 2017, added three more AWS regions: AWS Canada (Central), AWS EU (Paris), and AWS APJ (Singapore). In addition, the firm announced that more than 60 partners there are more than 60 partners are building or delivering managed service offerings for VMware Cloud on AWS. And, VMware now has 35 VMware Cloud Provider Program partners that have achieved Cloud Verified status.
  • In a blog this week promoting his upcoming research, Forrester Research’s Nigel Fenwick points out that when everyone is special, no one is special, writing, “what happens when everyone’s customer journeys are optimized and when all digital experiences begin to look similar?” IT modernization and digital transformation must evolve to the point where you can apply disruptive thinking -- coupled with the right technologies -- to break free from the cloud. 

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