Letter from the CEO: Flux7 Raises Funding to Help Enterprises Build and Scale DevOps

By Flux7 Labs
April 16, 2019

Letter from the CEO Flux7 Funding Agile EnterpriseToday Flux7 announced it has closed a round of funding from NewWave Partners, LLC. This is truly exciting news for us, and a significant milestone as we continue to expand our DevOps consulting services to speed our customer’s time to results. The news just gets better as we are also announcing today that Sagar Lagisetti, a NewWave partner and executive director for Magnum Opus IT, an SAP Service Partner, will join the Flux7 Board of Directors. We are truly honored to have Mr. Lagisetti join our Board, bringing a breadth and depth of experience in shaping how companies do business.

Another milestone we’re celebrating today is Flux7’s sustained business momentum. At Flux7, we view customer growth as a significant vote of confidence; this year we are humbled to have so many new and repeat customers loudly affirming their confidence in our employees and approach to solving business challenges. We saw customer contracts increase 247 percent year-over-year in the first quarter of 2019 and we closed 2018 with cumulative three-year revenue growth of 547 percent.

The Flux7 Culture

Six years ago, Ali Hussain, my co-founder and I, set out to fulfill a dream: to build a company that liberates people from workplace mundanity and makes it possible for organizations to experiment more, fail cheap, and measure results accurately in the digital world. Today we’re living that dream and are quickly growing the number of employees who are living it with us. 

As we grow, we remain committed to maintaining our internal culture while serving as an innovation lab for our customers. We embrace Transparency, Innovation, and Humbleness as our core values and strive to lead by example. For example, we just created a culture book for the Flux7 team to record how we operate in order to empower every team member to contribute to these common goals. Flux7 aims to build a culture where employees are empowered to work efficiently, maximize productivity, and make decisions as a team.

Our Business is to Help Your Businesses Transform

Disruption is on the doorstep. From retail to transportation to healthcare and more, disruptive innovation is creating new business pressures that can’t be ignored. Enterprise digital transformation offers the opportunity to become an Agile Enterprise — leaner, more agile and innovate at the speed of the market. Yet, the rapid rate of change in technologies needed to support digital transformation poses a challenge for many enterprises, with many struggling to keep workforce skills relevant and up-to-date.

While this skills gap often gets in the way of enterprises addressing competitive threats in a timely or effective manner, at Flux7 we seek to help address enterprises digital transformation by providing a framework and technology platform to quickly and securely adopt, implement, operate and scale enterprise IT platforms.

We are proud and humbled to reach so many important milestones as we hit our six-year anniversary. Thank you to the Flux7 team without whom none of this would be possible and to our customers who trust us day in and day out to help them expedite their IT Transformation to become an Agile Enterprise and meaningfully and measurably impact their business. 

— Dr. Aater Suleman, Flux7 CEO


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