Multinational Powers Client Success with Amazon DynamoDB

Multinational Powers Client Success with Amazon DynamoDB

By Flux7 Labs
February 13, 2020

When services are the life-blood of your organization, ensuring quality delivery is a business imperative. In search of improvements to take its service offerings to the next level is our Fortune 500 customer. It sought a cloud tool like Amazon DynamoDB to help it centralize the data collection of client projects in the cloud. The goal of this multinational firm was to ensure project success through greater visibility into global delivery. It wanted to maintain uniformity across projects while expanding its cloud portfolio.


Specifically, the firm’s management sought metrics about its clients’ projects. It wanted to know which had gone through a thorough review, and which employees were assigned to which projects. Without these measures, management was not able to ensure consistent delivery and across projects. As a result, the customer sought help creating a solution to aggregate this data for its AWS projects.  

Read the full AWS case study: Multinational Powers Client Success with Amazon DynamoDB

To help the professional services firm meet its goal, we developed a Delivery Management application. As the application is built completely on the Serverless framework, maintenance and administrative costs are minimized. All client and project-related information are stored in Amazon DynamoDB. 

What is Amazon DynamoDB?

Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database designed for high-performance applications. It is a popular choice for serverless applications as it features auto-scaling that matches your application load, offers pay-as-you-go pricing, automated backups, and is a serverless offering itself. Supporting key-value and document data models, Amazon DynamoDB is highly scalable. 

Why AWS Serverless?

An AWS serverless framework provides immense benefits. Specifically, AWS serverless directly addresses security, scalability, availability, reliability, performance and other architectural concerns. With the Delivery Management application built completely on the AWS Serverless framework, DynamoDB was a good choice as it is a managed service. 

Keeping the anticipated querying behaviors and access patterns of the users in mind, the AWS consulting team designed a data model. The data model provides a more homogeneous way to distribute data, giving better insights into the firm’s clients, their projects and build workflows. This helps the firm’s management to consolidate data, ensure consistent delivery, and review methodologies across its projects. 

Business Benefits

Optimized for cost, the solution helped save the firm money on recurring fees. More importantly, the serverless framework freed this multinational service firm from the time needed to manually manage services. Simultaneously, it provides automation that allows staff to focus on analytics to drive business and customer success.


Read how the team was able to design and deploy the serverless application this customer needed within its timeline in the AWS cloud. Download the full AWS case study.

Download the AWS Case Study

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