On our way to AWS Summit

By Flux7 Labs
March 24, 2014

AWS Summit is this Wednesday and Ali and myself are getting our bags ready to fly. We fly in to San Jose Tuesday night and leave Thursday morning. We arrive in San Jose because we have a meeting in San Jose late Tuesday night. I am excited and looking forward to the Summit. Two reasons: I am looking forward to meet a few key friends I haven’t met since re:Invent, namely, David Pellerin (of AWS), Dave Ward (AWS), Stephen Elliot (AWS), Alex Roosakos (of Forghorn consulting), Ofir Nachwani (@IAmonDemand), and Aaron Klien (of Cloudcheckr). I also cannot wait to make new connections. I am currently lining up meetings for the trip if anyone if interested.

AWS re:Invent was an excellent venue for networking with AWS community. It still excites me to recall some of the thought provoking conversations I had. Most notably with Stephen Elliot on Spot Instances that led us to build a spot strategy that is wickedly simple and takes more of “spottiness” out of the spot instances. I owe the community a presentation on this one.

Another great conversation was with Dean Zarras about Logic9s and James Hamilton about AWS infrastructure. James shared some great thoughts about his vision of the data center how spot instances will continue to play a key role in with any IaaS offerings. We are counting on that with our spot strategy as a service product, VyScale.

In short I am excited and looking forward to similar interactions. I am looking for:

  • Knowledge
  • Networking
  • and most importantly, thought provoking conversations