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By Flux7 Labs
April 12, 2014

The Great Debate: Should you use Docker or not? (Feb 12, 2014):

Given the growing trends of Docker, we at Flux7 embraced Docker for various client needs and also for our internal purposes. This article is an interesting sum up of our debate with one of our Clients on whether to use Docker or not especially when the application/website is a complex one.

Who should read it:

1. A newbie trying to embark on docker usage

2. Developers who are looking for easier debug loops, quicker deployments and easier sharing of environments.

The article describes some common known and not-so-common pros and cons of Docker vs traditional VMs.

Docker saves the day at Flux7! (Feb 17, 2014):

In the dev community, a buggy code leading to an application or website crash is quite a common issue. This post describes a similar experience we had at Flux7 and how using Docker saved our day. Our investment in Docker was starting to pay off when we used it to bringup our website that was down in a matter of few minutes. The important take-aways were that Docker produced extremely fast snapshots, spinups and has a very efficient diff command.

Who should read it:

1. Anyone looking for a handy solution to backup, checkpoint, and restore an application or website.

2. For those who are trying to understand the significance of Docker in a real-world scenario

Comparison of Ruby on Rails Deployment Methods in AWS – Pros and Cons (Feb 19, 2014):

There are a lot of choices one has when it comes to deploying an application on the Cloud. The recent Cloud trends have made the deployment problem a multi-faceted one. In this post, we list 6 difference deployment patterns we have tried in AWS and their pros and cons based on our experiences with our Clients.

Who should read it:

1. MSPs and Ops teams supporting a web service in the cloud

2. Startups and new projects about to develop a new web service in the cloud

3. Anyone thinking about implementing configuration management in conjunction with AWS

6 Reasons why large enterprises should move to AWS (Mar 10, 2014):

Cloud Computing and what it means to an Enterprise to migrate to the Cloud. This post walks you through six reasons why we at Flux7 believe moving to the Cloud is a significant step towards success and specifically why our vote goes to Amazon Web Services. Agility, Innovation, Responsiveness, Lower Costs, No in-house expertise and a detailed analysis of these reasons is what this post is about in a nutshell

Who should read it:

1. C-level executives of large Enterprises concerned about the agility of their IT organization

2. Director of IT and COOs of Enterprises looking to transform their departments to new age self-service IT

Preview of Docker benchmarking (Mar 25, 2014):

Having laid out the significance of Docker at Flux7 in our previous posts, we embarked on a benchmarking spree with the Docker team to understand the performance of Docker. The post serves as a prelude to understanding high level Docker performance results. The results would throw some light on why Docker served the purpose of creating highly productive developer environments.

Who should read it:

1. Devs looking to use Docker for higher productivity

2. Docker supporters

Hadoop Distribution – A Detailed Comparison (Free White Paper):

This is a free white paper from Flux7 that details a completely independent comparison of free and commercial Hadoop distributions. It includes the objective and subjective assessments of the four major Hadoop distributors in the Big Data Market, including MapR, Cloudera, Intel and Hortonworks. The paper focuses on easing the selection of a Hadoop Distribution for the wide range of users that come with wide range of requirements.

Who should read this:

1. Newbies looking for a guide to make the right distribution choice

2. Developers building tools using the Hadoop ecosystem

3. Companies wanting to adopt Big Data Solutions

Stay tuned and watch out for more interesting posts. We are open to suggestions and discussions on any interesting project you may have. Feel free to contact us or drop us a message in the comments section.