Flux7 AWS Consulting Engineers Review re:Invent Announcements Part 2

By Flux7 Labs
December 3, 2018


Flux7 AWS Consulting Engineers Review re:Invent AnnouncementsLast week we shared with you the thoughts of the AWS Premier Consulting Partner engineering team at Flux7 on AWS re:Invent announcements around EC2, AppDev, Archiving and Databases. And, as promised, today we’ll delve into our remaining thoughts on which re:Invent announcements we’re most excited about and why.

  1. It was a shared file system bonanza! Our AWS consulting engineers highlighted four noteworthy announcements on this front:
  • EFS access from instances in different Accounts. With this new offering, operators can now connect to an Amazon EFS file system from EC2 instances in a different AWS account (or Amazon VPC). They can also now place EC2 instances owned by one account in the same VPC as an EFS file system owned by a different account using shared VPCs. The benefit: by allowing apps in different accounts to share a central file system, our customers no longer need to copy data between VPCs, thus saving time and money.
  • Lower EFS costs with infrequent access. This new data storage class will undoubtedly save users money as it is cost-optimized for files that are accessed less frequently. Amazon hopes that this new feature will expand users’ ability to use Amazon EFS with an even wider set of applications, reporting that EFS IA reduces storage costs with savings up to 85% compared to the EFS Standard storage class.
  • FSx gives `EFS` to window servers. The new Amazon FSx for Windows File Server was according to Andy Jassy’s keynote session, designed from the ground up to work with your existing Windows environment, making it super straightforward to lift-and-shift Windows workloads to the AWS cloud. FSx for Windows File Server is available now in many regions.
  • FSx for Lustre for high performance computing (HPC) workloads. Also purpose-built from the ground-up, this new Amazon offering is a highly parallel file system that supports sub-millisecond access to petabyte-scale file systems. A managed service for managing those demanding sets of performance characteristics you need, FSx for Lustre can support the demands of applications like data lakes, HPC, and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Machine Learning.
  • Logging:
  • Custom fast and interactive log analytics with Amazon CloudWatch without using an external setup. This new offering is a fully managed service that looks at large amounts of logs in seconds, and is told to handle any log format, as well as auto-discovering fields in JSON logs. The benefit: super fast responses to your queries.
  • Powering New Use Cases:
  • Coordinated inserts, deletes, or updates to multiple items with DynamoDB? Yup it’s possible now to have a single logical business operation. Called Amazon DynamoDB transactions, this new service provides developers atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID) across one or more tables within a single AWS account and region. Thus, allowing developers to bring the scale, performance, and other benefits of DynamoDB to even more workloads.
  • Are you using AWS EC2 for HPC? Then Elastic Fabric Adapter will be your new best friend, say our DevOps consulting team. Why? Because it is will allow you to run HPC apps requiring high levels of inter-instance communications at scale on AWS. In a nutshell, according to the AWS blog, it uses a custom-built operating system bypass technique to enhance the performance of inter-instance communications, which is critical to scaling HPC applications.
  • Ability to respond to events from IoT sensors and apps. AWS IoT Events is a new, fully managed service that makes it easy to do just this. The new offering recognizes events as they occur across multiple sensors, alerting you to issues–such as equipment slowdowns in a manufacturing environment, or failures in a cold chain–and triggering alerts when a team members, as needed. The benefit: enterprises will save the involved and costly process of building applications for these tasks.
  • Open Source:
  • Ever wonder what is behind Lambda or even the newest EKS? This is now open sourced in the form of Firecracker. AWS developers built Firecracker with two goals that will benefit customers: To enable services such as AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate to improve resource utilization and customer experience, and provide security and isolation.

While there was plenty of news that our team was excited to share, please check out our blog from Friday where we shared our thoughts on archiving, databases, AppDev and more — if you haven’t already.

At Flux7, our business model is steeped in helping enterprises modernize their IT systems through our proprietary assessment, implementation services and knowledge transfer that help drive business success. As testament to that, this is the fifth year in a row that Flux7 or its customers have been featured at AWS re:invent. Watch our customer, Toyota Research Institute, present on how they are advancing the field of autonomous vehicle development using AWS and distributed deep learning.

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