Remote Onboarding: Creating an Excellent Candidate Experience

By Flux7 Labs
July 20, 2018

There is a lot to be said for working remotely. From less stress and lower commuting costs to greater employee productivity and reduced turnover, remote workforces offer a true win-win. Yet, to ensure that everyone transitions as seamlessly as possible into a 100% remote workforce, onboarding is a critical step. At Flux7 we feel that onboarding and even pre-onboarding help set the stage to ensure that every new employee feels welcome and has a good understanding of the lay of the land. While a lot goes into achieving this goal, we thought we’d share today the Flux7 remote onboarding process.

Preparation Lays the Foundation
Before a new employee begins work, we begin laying the foundation for a successful entry with a pre-offer package that details Flux7’s corporate benefits and other company offerings so you know what to expect if and when a formal offer letter is extended.

Once the offer letter has been signed, you can expect constant communication from our team at Flux7. We are planning for your arrival every day and making sure you don’t walk in blindly. Part of our pre-onboarding process is to make sure that the formalities are taken care of early so that your first day is focused on getting acclimated to the environment and acquainted with your new co-workers. The other part of our pre-onboarding process is to send–before your start date–a Flux7 Swag Bag full of Flux7 Pride gear. It’s our sincere hope that the Flux7 Pride helps build excitement for your first day — and for days to come!

The Basics
Through all this preparation, we don’t forget about the basics. We place an emphasis on making sure that access to the systems and programs you’ll use (like Trello, Slack, and Mail) is configured, set up and ready to go. Plug and play is our goal as your system is your line of communication to other Flux7-ites.

Buddy System
At Flux7, we assign new employees a buddy that helps guide them through daily work responsibilities and introduces them to other members of the team. This designated mentor is a member of your department and is a resource to answer questions and assist you. That said, at Flux7 we have an always-on open door policy where any question or concern you might have can be addressed in Slack within minutes.

The Welcoming
At Flux7 we’re not shy. We give each new employee a huge welcome, announced publicly to the entire team at your arrival. Your Team has been planning for you to start and are anxious to show you their warmest Flux7 welcome.

We don’t just introduce you to Flux7; we introduce all of Flux7 to you. Your first day will include an in-depth behind the scenes view of the company, sharing about each department’s mission and goals as well as walking you through our corporate systems of record, e.g. communications tools like Trello and Slack, and how to use them.

While many companies onboard with a tour of the office and the requisite stop by the coffee room, at Flux7 you’ll already know your way around your office. As a result, we ‘stop by’ frequently during your first day and week to make sure you are comfortable, able to access what you need and can easily communicate with others. We want to make sure you are happy, working at a safe pace and feel like you are truly part of the Flux7 team.

Ongoing Communications
At Flux7, we appreciate honest feedback and want to know how we can make the process even better moving forward. We will check in with you 30 days after your hire and again in 60 days to get your feedback and ask how the HR team can help support you. We look forward to your feedback!

Does the remote onboarding experience sound like one you’d enjoy? If so, Flux7 is growing and we’d love to have you join our team. We look to hire the best talent available independent of location, giving our customers the highest levels of expertise. We seek to exceed our customers’ expectations, which in turn continues to fuel our rapid growth. We embrace our diversity and multiculturalism that spurs collaborative innovation and ‘out of the box’ ideas.

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Written by Flux7 Labs

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