Survey: 10 Q’s you wouldn’t regret answering

By admin
July 11, 2014

Flux7’s blog has over 130 posts as on date, topics ranging from tutorials to best practices, benchmarking, experiments, learning and more. The key topics were focussed around DevOps and the cloud.

To all DevOps and Cloud fanatics out there, here’s a list of blog posts you might be interested in:

  1. One of its kind DevOps Posts

  2. AWS benchmarking

  3. Docker Tutorial Series

  4. Openstack Tutorials

  5. Glossaries

  6. Quizzes

This survey is a set of 10 questions to help us offer you content that would assist you better and serve the purpose of your visit in just the right way in the right amounts. The questions are laid out as follows:

3 questions to help us understand our performance so far

4 questions to help us make things better for you.

3 questions for us to know a little more about you

Tip: We have something for you at the end of the survey