Tech Leaders Must Embrace Technology to Engage, Adapt with Customers

By Flux7 Labs
April 3, 2019


Using Technology Competitive Platform Forrester GuidanceTechnology leaders are increasingly being asked to help their companies use technology as a competitive platform to help further engage and serve customers. Yet, as customer needs — and expectations — change and grow, so too does the technology landscape. Navigating these changes creates complex challenges, especially as transforming technology portfolios does not happen overnight.

Helping technology leaders address these multi-faceted challenges is a report published by independent research firm Forrester. Written by analysts Brian Hopkins and Ted Schadler, their research is aimed at helping enterprises to adopt technology practices for scaling growth and revenue through insight and improved customer experience.

Download the complete research paper, free for a limited time:

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The journey to transform technology, people and processes in support of customer-focused change is at the heart of Forrester's business technology framework. For IT transformation in pursuit of accelerated growth and agility, Forrester recommends that technology leaders adopt technology in four key areas:

  • Digital Platforms that will help propel the business into new channels and therewith into customers’ lives;
  • Digital Intelligence that helps the business gain a 360 degree understanding of its customers;
  • Security through strict access controls and identity management; and a
  • Cloud-first technology approach for new deployments and business-based integration.

To learn more about these four areas of transformation and how to apply the report’s key findings to your organization, download the report for free today. Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s time to innovate with technology to serve customers across the entire customer life cycle, mastering systems of engagement and insight.
  • Why technologies like automated, continuous integration and cloud are integral to providing end-to-end scale, agility and tightly integrated solutions for faster and consistent value delivery.
  • Why automating and scaling Zero Trust security is critical to system confidence and meeting customer data security expectations.

Flux7 helps a wide variety of organizations navigate their IT modernization projects, offering a suite of solutions that help organizations design, build, own and manage key areas of technology transformation. Focused on architecting and optimizing our customers’ cloud-first infrastructure and training internal IT teams to manage their own infrastructure, Flux7 solutions are rooted in DevOps best practices.

From our Renovate offering, which offers specialized support to migrate a wide variety of workloads to the public cloud, to Flux7 Landing Zones for AWS, that provide a solid start in the public cloud, Flux7 architects best practice-based computing environments based on DevOps and Agile principles, extreme automation and self-management strategies. As a result, enterprises bring solutions to market faster and increase the frequency and quality of software releases through optimized processes and continuous delivery and continuous deployment.To get started -- or to continue -- your IT modernization journey, download Forrester’s report, Build Integrated Platforms to Accelerate Growth and Agility, today.

Download the Forrester Report