Week in Review 10.7.19

Week in Review 10.7.19

By Flux7 Labs
October 7, 2019

Following last week’s State of DevOps report, we have news from TrendMicro whose survey released today found that organizational silos create an unnecessary security risk with a lack of security involvement in DevOps projects creating cyber risk for 72% of IT leaders. While DevOps is reportedly a bigger priority today than a year ago (79% of respondents), 34% admitted that their security teams are not always consulted in project plans.

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DevOps News

  • Illustrating momentum in the no-code market, Unqork announced it raised $80 Million in Series B financing.
  • GitHub has introduced three new settings at both the repository and organization level to provide repository and organization owners with control over Actions: enable local and third-party Actions; enable local Actions only, and; Disable Action.
  • GitHub has also introduced new roles, Triage and Maintain, that are now generally available. Triage allows users to manage projects without the need for write access to the code and Maintain allows users to manage a repository without access to sensitive or potentially destructive actions. 
  • The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has announced that the first beta release of PostgreSQL 12 is now available. 
  • Trello has announced a partnership with Post-It Notes, allowing users of the Post-It Note app to export their photographed Post-It Notes to Trello.

AWS News 

  • AWS Step Functions has expanded its integration with Amazon SageMaker, allowing operators to automate the execution and deployment of end to end machine learning workflows. With the new integration, Amazon SageMaker users can automate machine learning using serverless workflows.
  • Amazon has announced a new Quick Start for Amazon Managed Blockchain, allowing operators to build and participate in decentralized applications shared across a consortium of members using Managed Blockchain.
  • AWS now allows operators to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities for AWS Client VPN and Active Directory. Enable the new capability via the AWS Directory Services console or programmatically via the AWS SDK to facilitate an extra layer of defense.
  • Developers who use Visual Studio Code (VS Code) can now use IntelliSense to write Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) task definitions, according to the firm. Thus, saving time by avoiding manual typing and catching easy to miss errors.
  • Amazon has improved the accuracy of its Textract text recognition feature and reports that it can now more accurately correct the rotation of documents and isolate documents from their backgrounds, for more accurate text extraction.


Flux7 News

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