Why Startups Need Good Cloud Consulting Partners

By Flux7 Labs
August 18, 2014

Recently, Foote Partners, an IT benchmark research and advisory firm, released data on the most in-demand skills and certifications in the IT market. We weren’t surprised to see cloud architecture experts topping the list, or to be specific, architecture and cloud skills. An article about the survey is here, from FierceCIO: “Architecture and cloud skills top IT employer ‘most wanted’ lists.

In our cloud consulting work at Flux7, we see this to be a real need in enterprises, mid-sized organizations, and particularly in startups.good_cloud_consulting_partner

Naturally, as the cost of skilled labor in an area such as cloud architecture increases, cash-strapped startups start to feel the pinch. But, these startups feel the effect of poor choices from the lack of cloud architecture expertise just as much, if not more, than enterprises.

We’ve recently seen several cases where startups have launched environments in Heroku because of it’s ease of use, but then found the need to migrate from Heroku to AWS in order to meet compliance or scalability requirements.


We’ve also seen a number of situations where a startup or mid-sized organization was set up in AWS, but needed to get this environment production-ready.

Often, a bit of planning and work upfront could have saved these startups time and resources to execute a cloud migration. And, it’s rare to start a cloud migration until the pressing need is there: such as that critical demo for an investor or customer; or even an anticipated sudden increase in demand from a marketing campaign.

Because startups need access to cloud architecture experts, too, we’ve created a new service: Cloud Attune.

Cloud Attune helps incubators, VC firms and bootstrapped startups. With Cloud Attune, they get easy access to the cloud consulting they need to create stable sites, improve software development workflow with iterative software development, and even select the right AWS instances types to help control costs.

We provide the cloud architecture knowledge and DevOps best practices to get their AWS setup optimized, secure and cost-effective. And this is done without the need to take on a huge commitment by hiring an in-house skilled expert.

Do-it-yourself types can also benefit from our IT assessment, a quick 60-point DevOps assessment that runs a health check on your setup. It provides a plan of action that can be implemented by you, us or another certified AWS consultant.

Startups don’t have to go it alone. Cloud infrastructure is a strategic part of your business, and it’s being used by 43% of startups. (See our blog on cloud statistics here.) The results of our AWS troubleshooting quiz told us that many businesses lack the in-depth knowledge needed to correct problems and make positive changes to AWS.

Don’t risk your business! Get the help you need to make your business scalable, compliant and optimized. You can start today.

Learn more about Cloud Attune. It’s time to find out how to get your infrastructure in shape fast so you can better manage costs, speed time to market, and increase the agility of your application and services. What are you waiting for?