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Building Self-Driving IT on AWS Cloud

Self Driving IT:  Successful DevOps is the culmination and proper orchestration of a collaborative mindset


There’s a lot of talk in the industry about DevOps and infrastructure as code, but that’s not the full journey today. The road to Self-Driving IT is. This paper details how more enterprises are building automated, Self-Driving IT organizations that are more agile and cost-effective than traditionally manually-driven enterprises.

Self-Driving IT is helping to automate the drudgery and tediously repetitive events. Self-Driving IT is about streamlining the technological overhead, automating the approval processes, and automating as much as possible when it comes to internal security and regulatory and policy-compliance testing. But most important, it means when someone needs a new application or service, they can summon it just like a taxi.

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Tools that are key to building Self-Driving IT on Amazon Web Services

AWS Ecosystem Toolsets like Docker and Ansible

Flux7 Self-Driving IT case study: State Health Agency, Clinical research organization, Software enterprise

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Building Self-Driving IT on AWS Cloud

June 20, 2019