Grow with Flux7

Career Opportunities

Flux7 was founded in 2013 by Aater Suleman & Ali Hussain with the intent of building a collaborative and empowered workplace. They have succeeded in creating a workplace everyone enjoys, and maintain a focus on continuing to support and build on that culture, recognizing it is critical to our success.


Today, we are growing… fast! We continue to build a team of innovative and dedicated Agilists whose prime focus is to provide a ‘wow’ experience and empower each customer. We are collaborative, sprint-focused, and have a great time doing it!

Remote Workplace

We are a 100% remote company; our staff work from home – or wherever they happen to be at the time – but working remote doesn’t mean working alone.  We collaborate using online platforms like SlackGoogle Hangouts, and Trello. In fact, Slack is our office: it’s not just organized by workgroups, but we also have fun channels where we can hang out and post pictures of our travels, families, and other fun stuff.  We have a channel dedicated to fitness and another to foodies. Because we are remote, we work hard at keeping communication a priority and focus on providing opportunities to bring everyone together online where they can share common interests.

Our values, while simple, deeply define the foundation of Flux7


Nobody is perfect all the time… At Flux7, we believe being humble is the recognition that this statement is true for all of us.  We live to learn and recognize that there is always room for improvement and that makes humbleness our most critical value.


Anything and everything can be solved with an innovative approach. It is about continuously asking ourselves, “how can we do this better?” and expressing those ideas with others. It is about never settling for any mediocre process or technology.  At Flux7, we innovate our way out of every challenge, technical or non-technical.


Nothing great is ever done in a silo, and each one of us is committed to being collaborative and sharing information proactively. Everyone is a decision maker and is ready to share the rationale when asked, regardless of company role. Similarly, nobody should be too afraid to ask any question. At Flux7, transparency with the team is the biggest determinant of individual success.

Benefits & Perks

Health & Wellness

We encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle - not just because it fosters productivity, but because it’s the right thing to do. We offer a comprehensive benefits package: Health, Dental, Vision, and Disability. Your gym membership? We've got that as well.

Your Future

We want you to succeed. Not just at Flux7, but also at life. We offer qualified employees a competitive retirement package with an employer match. We also provide reimbursement for job-related training and certifications (and yes, we make a really big deal when you pass!!)

Time Off

Take. A. Vacation. At Flux7, we want our employees to be well-rested and ready to go when they are on the clock. Time away from work is necessary and needed to keep our employees happy and motivated. So take that trip, volunteer, or have a staycation. We encourage it and support it!

Short Commute

Working from home eliminates stressful and timely commutes, which is no good for you or our environment. With all of that extra time, you can take your kids to school or squeeze in that exercise class. It also reduces travel costs, which means you can spend more of your money on the things you love.

Dress Code

Dress Code? What dress code? Studies show that employees who can wear clothes that make them feel comfortable are happier and more productive. Did we mention how much money you'll also save? So grab your shorts, yoga pants or pajamas - we don't judge.

Device Reimbursement

Your home office should have the necessary tools to maximize your efficiency and productivity. We offer a generous device reimbursement plan that covers items such as laptops, cell phones, cell phone service, wi-fi, and other peripheral equipment.

Current Opportunities

At Flux7, we are always looking for new talent. Are you a Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer or a super smart techie? If so, please express your interest by filling out the application below.