Core Values

Our values, while simple, deeply define the foundation of Flux7. These values are:

Humble: Being humble is the recognition that nobody is perfect all the time, neither you nor your peers. At Flux7, we live to learn and recognizing that there is always room for improvement is a prerequisite to learning, which makes humbleness our most critical value.

Innovative: Anything and everything can be solved if approached with an innovative mindset. It is about continuously asking yourself, “how can I/we do this better?” and sharing those ideas with others. It is also about never settling for anything mediocre whether it be a process or a technology. At Flux7, we innovate our way out of every challenge, technical or non-technical.

Transparent: Nothing great is ever done in a silo, and we share information proactively. Everyone owns their decisions and are always ready to share the rationale behind them if anyone asks, regardless of their place in the company. Similarly, you shall never be afraid to question anything and everything. At Flux7, the single biggest determinant of individual success is the amount of transparent dialog you have with the rest of the team.

Passionate about technology? Love working remotely?

If so, we want to speak with you!

Flux7 was founded in 2013 by Aater Suleman and Ali Hussain with the intent of creating a workplace that everyone enjoys coming to and being a part of, and they have focused on building our culture and firmly believe that it is critical to our success.

We are growing fast, and continue to build our team of dedicated, innovative, and agile staff whose one focus is to empower the customer and provide a ‘wow’ customer experience. We are collaborative, sprint-focused, and while we all work hard, we have a great time doing it.

Some added benefits of working for us:

* Short commutes! Work from home arrangements means more time with family and friends and environmentally friendly too.

* Great paid-time-off plans, plus Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage (paid by Flux7 up to a set threshold), alongside optional Short/Long Term disability and Life Insurance Options.

* Casual Dress Code – Do your best work in shorts and sandals? No problem!

* Positive company culture – People ask how we get such a good culture in a remote organization; it’s because we’re committed to inclusive communication, sharing, and recognizing each other’s contributions. And, the sunsets from around the world photo contest was fun too.

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