Life at Flux7

Our Culture

Remote Workplace

We are a 100% remote company; our staff work from home – or wherever they happen to be at the time – but working remote doesn’t mean working alone.  We collaborate using online platforms like Slack, Google Hangouts, and Trello. In fact, Slack is our office: it’s not just organized by workgroups, but we also have fun channels where we can hang out and post pictures of our travels, families, and other fun stuff.  We have a channel dedicated to fitness and another to foodies. Because we are remote, we work hard at keeping communication a priority and focus on providing opportunities to bring everyone together online where they can share common interests. We also like holding special events online, like our holiday trivia contests.


Remote Teams

All of our teams work remotely, and depending on which workgroup you’re in, you could be working mostly with the same team members, or with alternating team members based on client projects.  In Delivery, work is organized according to scrum methodology and sprints are held regularly with team members and clients to keep everyone up to date and on track. 



We are proud of the diversity that exists amongst Flux7-ites.  Our team members come from all walks of life and from a range of experiences that allows us to leverage our collective desire to learn from each other and challenge our ways of thinking.   We support multiculturalism and embrace the values that diversity gives us: respect, inclusivity, and continuous learning. Diversity is our key for unlocking innovation – one of our primary company values. 

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Our Work Environment

We live by our core values every day: Being Humble | Being Innovative | Being Transparent

Team-Oriented, we avoid silos

Collaborative Workgroups

Supportive of career development

A flatarchy environment which gives each employee voice in the company 

We balance Autonomy with Accountability

Flux7 Fun

Flux7 Swag

Quarterly Awards Ceremony

Frequent individual and team recognition for modeling Flux7 Values

Let’s Celebrate – birthdays, anniversaries, completion of certifications and more

Wellness Initiatives: Stay active even when remote! Flux7 has a special committee that dedicates time to promoting healthy living both at work and at home 

Flux7 Online Library

Flux7: Creating Corporate Culture One Hire at a Time

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Flux7 Library Drives Culture of Learning, Sharing

"I Work Remotely": A Day in the Life of a Flux7 Employee