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Build: Attune Implementation Solutions

Cloud Migration Services


Our engineers deliver a finished infrastructure for application deployment

Gain Best Practices-Based Infrastructure

Cloud Attune is our solution for organizations looking to outsource their infrastructure set up and optimization to experienced cloud consulting specialists. Cloud Attune helps organizations gain access to best practices and certified consultants to rapidly progress cloud infrastructure projects.

Flux 7’s certified consultants & DevOps experts deliver a customized cloud architecture designed to meet your unique business needs & objectives.

Migration Factory

Gain a service catalog to spin up best-practices based, compliant infrastructure in a few clicks. We’ll help you create and configure templates that meet Infosec and Ops requirements and enable you to migrate application or workloads on your own terms.

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Microservices Infrastructure

Flux7 AWS consulting experts design and configure the microservice architecture to enable application development teams to easily move to a service oriented software model.

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Repeatable Vault Deployments

As a HashiCorp consulting partner, Flux7 helps organizations establish a framework for repeatable deployments of a Vault secret store on top of existing infrastructure, or as part of infrastructure solutions we design and create for you.

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Development Environments

Speed time to market and enable innovation with optimized frameworks for continuous delivery and integration. We’ll help you build or change your cloud infrastructure to increase the frequency and quality of software releases through optimized processes, workflow and automation (continuous delivery and continuous deployment).

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