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loud technology and high growth businesses go together like lean and agile.

For trimming infrastructure costs, pay as you go investment, and outsourced management, cloud solutions can’t be beat. Unlike big enterprises, small to mid sized businesses can build their business from the ground up in the cloud.

The challenge is getting access to knowledgeable experts that can mean the difference between success and disaster. We understand complex cloud infrastructure, security and how to ensure HIPAA and PCI compliance.

With nearly a decade of experience in building hybrid and private cloud architectures, Flux7 has the knowledge you need to create a framework for future growth. Our roots in architecture and performance benchmarking help us ensure the right balance of resources and create the most efficient solution. Our continued investment in R&D means you can be assured our recommendations are data-driven. And, our AWS certified professionals can develop configuration management solutions and CloudFormation scripts to automate your deployment process.

We’ll help you plan, optimize, and modernize your infrastructure, most likely cutting some costs along the way.

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Do it yourself IT modernization

Best For:

  • Mid-to-large sized groups with resources lacking cloud architecture knowledge


  • 1 day “Introduction to Modernizing Your IT Infrastructure” – Orientation and best practices
  • 1 day hands-on workshop “Modern IT Architectures”


  • $4900

Fully Outsourced IT modernization

Best For:

  • Small to mid sized organizations who lack IT resources or architecture know-how


  • Start with: Identifying needs, Creating architecture, Customized development, Configuration management


  • Priced upon Assessment

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