Consulting for the Financial Services Industry

Secure Infrastructure for Improved Customer Service and Analytics

Financial Services Organizations Gain Business Advantage Through New Technologies


Every minute of downtime can cost a company significantly — from lost business to lost customer satisfaction.


Financial Services organizations are tasked with managing risk to achieve optimal outcomes for their financial resources. Extending this capability to the infrastructure that supports the business, we help create a balanced approach to achieving innovation using new technology in financial services firms approach delivery services and gaining operational efficiencies.


Flux7 helps financial services firms simultaneously achieve IT transformation that supports innovation and optimizes the delivery of IT services.

Improve Systems for Operational Excellence

Support operational excellence through advanced automation of repetitive tasks and best practices using configuration management, monitoring, and optimization. Increase agility by moving to an Infrastructure as Code environment that provides resiliency and high availability, managing transaction spikes, audit, and backup seamlessly.

Harden Security Without Halting Progress

A “Security with Agility” approach builds security in, increasing security and compliance without slowing down the engineering teams’ work. Implement secret-keepers, like HashiCorp Vault (both on-premises and supporting public cloud infrastructure) or configuration data management and secrets management for risk reduction, increased visibility, and greater agility. From PCI to EU Data Privacy standards, Flux7 is known for its secure, compliant architectures that mitigate risk and meet goals such as protecting personally identifiable information and keeping company data safe.

Bring Services to Market

Financial services organizations gain increased agility by moving applications critical to the growth and customer experience to the cloud. Application development can be supported more effectively with CICD pipelines to increase speed to market for new features and services.

Power Analytics Programs

Start with a sandbox, pool data in a data lake and add HPC to scale analytics programs. Migrate data to cloud-based databases for scalability and integration, and implement new and automated methods of governance and compliance. With automation to simplify IT services and increase consistency with best practices, self-service or “single click” services can be delivered to support analytics teams with right-sized, smart-terminating compute power.

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