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Unlike other cloud consulting groups, Flux7 emphasizes the transfer of knowledge to internal IT teams, helping them to become self-sustaining and improving agility. By sharing our toolchain, intellectual property and training methodology, we help build tomorrow’s cloud architects.


Flux7 architects cloud infrastructure frameworks that help businesses to modernize and optimize their IT systems, bridging the gap between a managed environment and independent system management. Organizations that want to migrate on-premise skills, software and infrastructure to the cloud with minimal disruption can maintain control of their systems with our well-designed system, built-in automation, and hands-on training.


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Need a cloud migration company in New York? Ohio? Michigan? The UK? No problem. Wherever you are, customers gain access to the best available skilled resources and process efficiencies through our remote service delivery model. While we do make onsite visits, delivering services remotely enables customers with stakeholders in multiple offices to save on time out of the office and travel costs, and emphasizes good communication and documentation.

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How To Deliver On The Promise Of A Digital Business Transformation

Whether you think of digital business transformation as enabling worker productivity, managing business performance through data, or exceeding evolving customer expectations, it can be tempting to embrace it by building digital things. Yet, this approach misses a big piece of the puzzle. While digital services might be the mechanism by which you address business and market needs, ultimately, they are not enough in and of themselves. To truly address customer and business needs, a digital business platform — a technology foundation from which to work — is required.

This is My Architecture: Speed HPC Data Sets Quickly, Securely

Each week AWS features innovative cloud architectures from its partners and customers in a video feature it calls, This is My Architecture. We’re excited to share that this week’s installment features our very own DevOps Engineer, Arthur Mandel, and David Fluck from Toyota Research Institute. In the episode, they highlight how two technologies — AWS P3 GPU instances and AWS Service Catalog — enable TRI data scientists to more quickly progress their research.

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 2.17.2020

In last week’s DevOps news round-up, we shared data around in-demand developer skills. For companies looking to modernize applications, COBOL shouldn’t be ignored, according to a new Micro Focus report. The new survey finds that COBOL app modernization is a preferred approach, over replacing or retiring. Indeed, 53% said they plan to modernize apps and integrate their COBOL systems.

Multinational Powers Client Success with Amazon DynamoDB

When services are the life-blood of your organization, ensuring quality delivery is a business imperative. In search of improvements to take its service offerings to the next level is our Fortune 500 customer. It sought a cloud tool like Amazon DynamoDB to help it centralize the data collection of client projects in the cloud. The goal of this multinational firm was to ensure project success through greater visibility into global delivery. It wanted to maintain uniformity across projects while expanding its cloud portfolio.

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 2.10.2020

Data takes center stage in this week’s IT modernization and DevOps news. We start with the 2020 HackerRank Developer Skills Report. This year’s report finds that across companies, full-stack developers are the most in-demand talent. Thirty-eight percent of hiring managers state it’s the leading role to fill this year. Hiring managers list back-end developers and data scientists as the next most sought-after roles.

DevSecOps: Achieve Cloud Security

Business often views innovation at the speed of the market and system security as opposing forces. Yet, it’s not necessary to sacrifice one for the other. Agility and security can be simultaneously achieved in the cloud with development, operations, and cloud security best practices. Exactly what are these cloud security and DevOps best practices and how do you build them in to securely propel the business forward? Our DevOps consultants explore how to achieve cloud security with this balanced perspective in a new white paper: Effectively Balance Your Organization Between Security and Agility.