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Unlike other cloud consulting groups, Flux7 emphasizes the transfer of knowledge to internal IT teams, helping them to become self-sustaining and improving agility. By sharing our toolchain, intellectual property and training methodology, we help build tomorrow’s cloud architects.


Flux7 architects cloud infrastructure frameworks that help businesses to modernize and optimize their IT systems, bridging the gap between a managed environment and independent system management. Organizations that want to migrate on-premise skills, software and infrastructure to the cloud with minimal disruption can maintain control of their systems with our well-designed system, built-in automation, and hands-on training.


Remote Delivery

Need a cloud migration company in New York? Ohio? Michigan? The UK? No problem. Wherever you are, customers gain access to the best available skilled resources and process efficiencies through our remote service delivery model. While we do make onsite visits, delivering services remotely enables customers with stakeholders in multiple offices to save on time out of the office and travel costs, and emphasizes good communication and documentation.

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Flux7 Blogs and News

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 1.18.2021

This week’s DevOps news round-up features a double-header of news due to the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US. Directly preceding the holiday, 25,000 people gathered virtually to participate in KubeCon 2020. The event illustrated the breadth and depth of enthusiasm for Kubernetes – from mature projects to new product and service announcements.

re:Invent Round-Up of AWS DevOps Announcements

As Werner Vogels, AWS CTO, took the stage at re:Invent this week, he had a clear message for builders: there has never been a more important time to stop, assess your needs and assure you are focusing on the right things. He emphasized several key mechanisms AWS will use to help support developers in this endeavor in 2021, meeting them where they are to grow dependability, tracing, logging, and monitoring, and address global issues like climate change. These themes were reiterated in the AWS infrastructure keynote given by Peter DeSantis, SVP, AWS Infrastructure & Support. Read on for key highlights and AWS DevOps announcements from both keynotes.

How Will SASE Change Networking in 2021?

We recently shared the story of a client who we helped automate the process of testing images for publication to the Azure Marketplace, speeding time to market of its offerings. As we promised in that article, today we are sharing the next step in the process. While there is quite a bit of guidance available on how to publish a VHD (Virtual Hard Disk or unmanaged image) to the Azure Marketplace, the documentation on how to publish a managed image is lacking. So, to help we’ve outlined here the steps we took to help our client publish its managed images to the Azure Marketplace Shared Image Gallery.