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Unlike other cloud consulting groups, Flux7 emphasizes the transfer of knowledge to internal IT teams, helping them to become self-sustaining and improving agility. By sharing our toolchain, intellectual property and training methodology, we help build tomorrow’s cloud architects.


Flux7 architects cloud infrastructure frameworks that help businesses to modernize and optimize their IT systems, bridging the gap between a managed environment and independent system management. Organizations that want to migrate on-premise skills, software and infrastructure to the cloud with minimal disruption can maintain control of their systems with our well-designed system, built-in automation, and hands-on training.


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Need a cloud migration company in New York? Ohio? Michigan? The UK? No problem. Wherever you are, customers gain access to the best available skilled resources and process efficiencies through our remote service delivery model. While we do make onsite visits, delivering services remotely enables customers with stakeholders in multiple offices to save on time out of the office and travel costs, and emphasizes good communication and documentation.

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Flux7 CEO on Turning Seven, NTT Acquisition and the Year Ahead

When Ali Hussain and I founded Flux7 seven years ago, little did we know how far this name and the promise behind it would carry us over the next seven years. Seven is the number for good fortune and on our seventh anniversary, I am privileged to share with you several fortuitous milestones, the most noteworthy of which is Flux7’s acquisition by NTT DATA Services. I’m proud to say that this acquisition marks the beginning of the next evolution of Flux7’s ability to meet the needs of our customers and employees through deeper modernization, innovation, and operational excellence.

Serverless vs EC2 vs Containers: A Comparative Study

If you are looking for a Cloud Service framework for your business needs, then you have likely come across the terms Serverless, EC2, and Containers. While definitely related, they have unique differences that should be taken into consideration when considering your next project. As a result, the IT consulting services team has created a new resource in which compare and contrast for you the different models developers can choose from when deploying virtual infrastructure and applications.

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 1.13.20

The team at Split recently released findings from its State of Feature Delivery research in which it found that while companies are releasing faster than ever, with almost 20% releasing features daily, releases aren’t issue-free with 82% uncovering bugs in production. Moreover, these issues can take a long time to remediate with 38% reporting an MTTR of a day or more. Simultaneously, Forrester Research calculated the value of improving customer experience by just one point, and found that in some industries (auto manufacturers, we’re looking at you) the difference could mean more than $1B in additional revenue.

IT Modernization and DevOps News Week in Review 1.7.20

Happy New Year to our Flux7 blog readers. We’re happy to be back, starting the new year with new announcements from the world of DevOps, digital innovation, IT modernization, Agile and more. So, whether you are looking to move forward with a new resolution, or continue an ongoing evolution, we’re here with the latest news, trends, and use case stories to help. Don’t miss a beat and stay up-to-date in 2020 by subscribing to our blog today.

AWS Security Hub, Tableau Backup Solution Keep BioPharma Research Secure.

In our last blog, we shared how the Flux7 IT consulting services team developed and built an AWS-Based Tableau Infrastructure for a leading biopharmaceutical organization focused on curing cancer. (ICYMI, you can find it here.) As promised in that article, we’re sharing today a look at the security best-practices put into place in our AWS infrastructure in order to ensure the security of the company’s intellectual property, and patient’s personal data. In addition, we’ll share a unique backup solution we created for our customer’s Tableau application.

Flux7 Helps BioPharma Beat Cancer with AWS-Based Tableau Infrastructure

The American Cancer Society expects more than 1.7 million new cancer cases this year, with 606,880 Americans — or 1,660 people per day — expected to die of cancer. Addressing this serious challenge is our biopharmaceutical customer whose key weapon in the battle is data. In fact, industry research finds that a single cancer patient can generate up to one terabyte of data. Yet, synthesizing this data and finding meaningful insights can be challenging. Thus, this premier biopharmaceutical organization reached out to the IT consulting services team at Flux7 to help it design a network and resource infrastructure for Tableau Server cluster deployment for true data intelligence.