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Containers, like Docker, help organizations to automate the deployment of any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient package that will run virtually anywhere.

Enterprises and smaller organizations alike are excited about containers because they help solve a significant challenge, improving the quality and reliability of applications when run in production environments.

Flux7 container consulting services help businesses to:

Evaluate whether Docker or other containers like Kubernetes are appropriate for your enterprise or small business
Optimize developer workflows, reducing the costs and resources needed to get applications to market faster.
Extend applications access to multiple users, while keeping work separate for improved efficiencies in backend processes and costs.
Improve auto-scaling of web services for improved uptime and cost-optimization.

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From AWS re:Invent 2016 – Get Technically Inspired By Container-Powered Migrations, Flux7 CEO Aater Suleman Presents

Why Flux7

Some of Flux 7’s first projects included creative uses for containers, including an IoT solution that achieved multi-tenancy easily by using Docker. Since then, we’ve used containers in a broad number of use cases including simplifying configuration, efficient code pipeline management and delivery, application isolation, server consolidation, improved debugging capabilities and much more.

Flux7 is an award winning IT consultancy based in Austin, Texas. We provide remote cloud enablement and DevOps/IT modernization services to organizations around the world.

Recent Docker Blogs From Flux7 Labs

In the last post of this series, we discussed Docker Remote API and explored the commands specific to containers. In this post, let’s discuss commands specific to images.
Create an Image
Images can be created in one of the following ways:

By performing a registry pull
By importing the image

POST /images/create
A …

In the last post, as part of our on-going Docker Tutorial Series, we discussed Docker Hub and Docker Registry API. In today’s post, let’s delve into Docker Remote API.
Docker Remote API
Docker Remote API is a REST API that replaces the remote command line interface — rcli. For the purpose …

A couple of weeks ago, we attended DockerCon, the inaugural Docker-centric conference for developers, and anyone else, with an interest in the open platform to build, ship, and run distributed applications, whether on laptops, data center VMs, or the …

Throughout our Docker Tutorial Series, we have discussed many significant Docker components and commands. In today’s series installment, we dig deeper into Docker and uncover Docker APIs.

The first item worth noting is that Docker provides the following APIs, making it easier to use. Those APIs also come in four flavours:

Docker …

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Beanstalk (EB) is a service to deploy your code. This easy-to-use service works as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). It supports familiar web applications, such as PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Java and .Net. You …

In an earlier post for the Docker Tutorial Series, we discussed the first 15 Docker commands. We shared some hands-on experience in how they are used and what they do.

In this post, we will talk about another 15 Docker commands, leading …

Next week, the Flux7 team is attending the first annual DockerCon, a two-day Docker-centric event that is being organized by Docker Inc. By far the most exciting part for us will be presenting our developing productivity workflow with our client, a Chicago-based online portal that delivers information …
Docker Security
Security is taken seriously when dealing with open source accountability. And it’s no different when developers embrace using Docker, by building applications locally right up to production deployments. A big responsibility that comes with being deployed in so many …
In the previous #Docker Tutorial Series post, we discussed the importance of DockerFile and provided a list of DockerFile commands that makes the automation of image creation easier. In this post, let’s talk about about a significant #Docker component: #Docker Registry. …

In our last #Docker tutorial series post, we shared the 15 commands that got us onboard with #Docker. This set of #Docker commands are steps to manually create images. That is …

In part one of our #Docker Tutorial Series, we learned about the basics of #Docker. We examined how it works and how it’s installed. In this post, let’s …

Docker, the new trending containerization technique, is winning hearts with its lightweight, portable, “build once, configure once and run anywhere” functionalities. This is part one of Flux7’s Docker tutorial series. As we move forward, together, …
At Flux7, we have been working closely with the Docker team to do performance benchmarking of Docker. Right now, we’ve been trying experiments with native, Docker and KVM with virtualized hardware. We’ve tried a mixture of both micro and macro benchmarks to get a general feel for …
The following Docker Trivia quiz is a set of ten questions to test how well you know Docker basics including basic docker concepts, commands and trivia. Take this challenge and analyze how well you know Docker! Now, dive into the test and give your best.

Our website,, runs inside a Docker container and last weekend we learned that Flux7’s investment in Docker is really starting to pay off. Using Docker we were quickly able to recover the website from a buggy code change, quickly reproduce and fix the bug. Here’s what …
We had a very interesting discussion with a client yesterday about the use of Docker and where it fits within their environment. The client’s representative was pushing back on us for using Docker and, as always, I enjoyed the constructive argument. As it turned out, we pretty much …
Docker Introduction
“Build once, configure once and run anywhere….” That’s Docker summarized in one line. When trying to choose from the great number of available software application-development technologies, a key concern is the ability to deploy applications typically in any environment without overhead. Deploying services …
Recently at Flux7 Labs we developed an end-to-end Internet of Things project that received sensor data to provide reports to service-provider end users. Our client asked us to support multiple service providers for his new business venture. We knew that rearchitecting the application to incorporate major changes …
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Get On Board: Docker’s Channel Maturity Unlocks The Container Tech Opportunity
“Orchestration opened up the floodgates,” Aater Suleman [Flux7 CEO] said. “And now the management layer is solving new problems.”

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