DevOps as a Foundation for Digital Transformation

Webinar | Presented by GigaOm Media

This free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm Research brings together thought leaders in DevOps, featuring GigaOm analyst Jon Collins and Flux7 CEO and co-founder, Aater Suleman. The discussion will focus on how to scale DevOps efforts beyond the pilot and deliver a real foundation for innovation and digital transformation.


We all know the strategy — transform the enterprise to use digital technologies and deliver significantly increased levels of customer engagement and new business value through innovation. Key to this is DevOps effectiveness, that is, how fast an organization can take new ideas, translate them into software and deploy them into a live environment.


But many organizations struggle to get beyond the starting blocks, coming up against a legion of challenges from skills to existing systems and platforms. Innovation speed and efficiency suffers, costs rise and the potential value does not materialize. So, what to do?


In this 1-hour webinar, you will discover:


Causes underlying some of the key challenges to scaling DevOps today


A starting baseline for achieving the benefits of DevOps


How to link DevOps improvements with digital transformation goals


Trade-offs between technical, process automation and skills improvements


Steps to delivering on the potential of DevOps and enterprise agility

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