AWS DevOps Assessment

Establish your roadmap with an AWS DevOps Assessment

Our mission is to help companies move away from inefficient operations, development and business infrastructure and processes.

While DevOps is ultimately a cultural shift that ultimately must come from within an organization, our comprehensive AWS DevOps assessment tells you how to create, or optimize existing infrastructure to support this shift in thinking.

We design AWS infrastructure with automation and an IT service catalog that helps you manage your own infrastructure and achieve a DevOps approach by supporting self-service IT for development with the controls and configuration that operations needs.

Speed time to market and an increased number of software releases through optimized processes, workflow and the reduction of repetitive tasks

Meet new business opportunities through increased scalability and flexibility

Achieve a high level of uptime

Reduce soft costs through DevOps automation and increased productivity

Reduce hard costs from unused or over-provisioned infrastructure

Our AWS DevOps consultants will review your infrastructure across six key areas to identify areas for improvement. We’ll highlight opportunities to bake DevOps automation into your processes, workflows and AWS infrastructure, helping create a flywheel of innovation for your company.

60-Point DevOps Assessment Functional Areas



Dev Workflows



Robustness & DR

+ naming conventions, billing alerts, and cost monitoring, and support levels