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Rapidly Progress DevOps Projects For Fast Results

Gain an actionable plan for a practical DevOps transition.
We’ve learned there are two types of organizations: Those that know exactly what they want and need the resources to collaborate and build their vision, and those for whom how to get started (or restarted) with DevOps and infrastructure automation projects is a bit of a mystery. Either way, the cost of lack of progress can be steep, stalling efficient software release processes and the benefits of infrastructure as code.

Solve your DevOps Puzzle

Ensure your DevOps efforts are underpinned with the right technology and meets compliance for your organization. For enterprises getting started with DevOps on AWS, our patent-pending Enterprise DevOps Framework, helps turn what can seem like mystery into a solvable puzzle. Each DevOps implementation we undertake starts with detailed assessment using our proprietary decision platform to focus conversations on the questions that matter most and streamline information gathering, typically in just five one-hour meetings with key stakeholders.

Accelerate DevOps Initiatives

DevOps Accelerator

Increase the ability of your development and IT operations teams to respond to changes and meet deadlines. Our Enterprise DevOps Accelerator service is an enterprise-grade consulting and technology solution customized to your specific needs. This DevOps implementation service, delivered in an agile methodology within 8-10 weeks, includes:
1. A cloud readiness assessment with a gap analysis and technical roadmap
2. A Cloud Center of Excellence, consisting of a cross-functional team of 3. Developers, IT Operations, and Infosec representatives.
3. A scalable, secure, best practices Landing Zone in AWS
4. Technology enabled pipelines
5. Monitoring, metrics and logging services
6. 1-2 applications replatformed onto AWS
7. A catalog of templates and libraries to simplify the delivery of IT services

DevOps Toolchain

An integrated DevOps toolchain is essential to increasing velocity through application and service delivery. However, there is no standard toolchain, each enterprise has unique compliance needs, tool preferences and processes. Our toolchains have proven successful in a wide variety of use cases and industries. We work with you to create a custom toolchain navigating preferences, tradeoffs and incorporating our experience of how DevOps tools work together for optimal delivery.

Technology Transformation, Made Simple

An IT transformation strategy begins with a multitude of questions and seemingly innumerable ways to progress. It can be difficult, and even immobilizing to tackle transformation across the business at once. We’ve made it easy to start smart, quickly demonstrate success and move ahead on your personal technology transformation roadmap.

Whether your aim is to adopt a specific new technology, concept, or way of working, asking the right questions and designing practical, unbiased and proven solutions to address each stage of information technology transformation are critical to your success. We aren’t resellers, and we are not providing a managed service; our recommendations are 100% focused on your requirements.

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DevOps Resources

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Download our paper, Building Self-Driving IT,” today to learn how AWS automation can help your organization streamline technological overhead, automate processes and hail a new application or service–just like you would a taxi.

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Enterprise DevOps Case Study:

A Fortune 1000 Retailer transforms IT with DevOps in the cloud, increases global agility, availability and market competitiveness while maintaining PCI compliance

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Werner Vogel’s keynote speech at re:Invent focused on AWS DevOps strategies and included highlights of our work for Pristine. Pristine estimates they saved six weeks of development time and gained agility using a DevOps approach including Docker on AWS.

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