DevOps for Enterprises

Enterprises containing large, complex, and regulated IT departments have a unique set of needs. Legacy systems need to be addressed, and DevOps approaches have often already been started, at least in concept. Yet many organizations are struggling to progress their DevOps strategies.

Flux7’s certified AWS consultants give you peace of mind and a plan of action with a thorough audit of your AWS infrastructure. We’ll conduct a comprehensive survey of your AWS set up and identify where you rate on:

64% of respondents in the 2013 State of DevOps Report from PuppetLabs said their greatest barriers to adoption were

Enterprise DevOps Accelerator

No right tools in place

DevOps Implementation

No time to implement DevOps

Don’t wait to advance your DevOps strategy. Keep pace with the changing market and maintain business agility with on-demand services to implement, optimize and scale DevOps processes in your IT teams.

Flux7 helps you quickly build a framework to foster and implement DevOps by:

  • Creating practical, efficient DevOps frameworks
  • Using pre-built, proven architectures wherever possible to reduce cost and risk
  • Incorporating your favorite technologies
  • Training your team and providing documentation to make sure you don’t call us back until your next job.

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