DevOps for SMBs

Innovation and efficiencies in infrastructure and development, is often at the core of successful small businesses

A DevOps based approach can provide a way to achieve continuous delivery and establish a framework for the future.

Studies show that DevOps focused teams can:

Focus on More Productive Tasks
Release apps in half as much time as traditional IT Ops teams


nlike large enterprises, “Dev” and “Ops” are usually working closely together already, if they are not indeed the team. Formalizing a DevOps strategy and establishing a framework can help small to medium sized IT shops to work more efficiently.

Flux7 helps you quickly build a framework to foster and implement DevOps by:
But many engineers just don’t have the experience or training to provide the assurance that your business needs.

Flux7’s certified AWS consultants give you peace of mind and a plan of action with a thorough audit of your AWS infrastructure. We’ll conduct a comprehensive survey of your AWS set up and identify where you rate on:

  • Creating practical, efficient DevOps frameworks
  • Setting up developer environments (Vagrant, Docker, etc)
  • Using pre-built, proven architectures wherever possible to reduce cost and risk Incorporating your favorite technologies
  • Training your team and providing documentation to make sure you don’t call us back until your next job.

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