Gain a Clear, Actionable Path To DevOps Transformation

Flux7 White Paper

Cut through the confusion, avoid the "analysis paralysis" that leads to lost time and money with a proven framework for DevOps.

Flux7’s Enterprise DevOps Adoption Framework provides a practical, proven approach to DevOps adoption that helps prioritize projects, pace transformation so that skills can be absorbed by IT teams with minimal disruption, and accelerate time to value. 

Our DevOps methodology starts with a best practices foundation and a high degree of automation. Unlike most organizations, our goal is to establish the systems and transfer the knowledge to you, so that our customers can operate their systems independently for maximum agility and innovation at their own pace. 

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•  How our framework varies from a traditional IT model

•  How the traditional IT operations team is converted into a concept called the Landing Zone

•  How service teams can use advanced services to move faster and do more with less

•  Read real-world examples

•  Find out the seven steps to successful DevOps adoptions

Why Flux7?  Enterprises gain fast time to value from Flux7 cloud implementation, automation and DevOps consulting services and solutions. Bring ideas to life and shorten time to market with modern IT systems and workflows that scale, secure and increase the efficiency of technology service delivery.  Flux7 Premier AWS Consulting Partners provide insight and expertise from 300+ DevOps projects.

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The Flux7 DevOps Adoption Framework

June 20, 2019